Hello Monday – Stressed Out Edition

I think we have all figured out by now that I blog when I’m stressed out, right? Well, right now I should be studying for my biology exam tomorrow, reading Real Worship, writing a biology summary, or writing a paper on Jesus Christ’s High Priestly Ministry to Me. Yea. But instead, I’m blogging. Anyways, it’s a slightly stressful week with a tight work schedule, quite a bit of school work to finish up, and preparing for a dear friend to visit in a little over a week. I can do it though, right? Just a few things I’m saying hello to this Monday! 

Hello to turning the heat back on. I’m ready to say goodbye to this though, as well as the snow that caused it. 

Hello piles of laundry that need done. I’m to the point now, I don’t know what’s clean and what’s dirty. I know, I know, bad wife. I get it. 

Hello healthier foods. Matt and I are in a transition phase to cleaner eating starting very soon. I’m somewhat at the spot now that I’m buying natural/organic if I can, but still not being too picky. Hopefully in the next week or two we will have phased out the processed, hormone filled foods. 

Hello smoothies. We got a Ninja Master Prep Pro for Christmas and our favorite thing to do with it is make smoothies. Today I am working on putting together frozen smoothie packs so we can just dump a bag in in the mornings. I know, we are lazy. But when you are out the door by 6am, you need lazy. In these bags I’m doing lots of frozen fruit (berries and bananas mostly), frozen pureed spinach pucks (made in a muffin pan), and frozen juice cubes. All we will have to add is a little yogurt and we are good to go! 

Hello hiding the Wii remotes. I have virtually no self control when it comes to Netflix/Amazon Prime on the Wii. We don’t have cable so this is our source of entertainment, and I really like to pick a show and watch all the way through. It’s embarrassing how much I love it. So I have found, that on weeks I have a ton to do and I need to be productive I have to make Matt hide the remotes so I’m stuck with nothing. I may have to resort to that this week.  (Yes I know I could pull these things up on various other electronics, but I typically don’t take the time to do that. It works, I promise)

Have a great week!


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