5 years ago tonight Matthew (basically a stranger to me then) told me he was falling for me.

The month that followed was filled with fear, curiosity, constant communication, and lots of prayer. I would go off to CLCS baseball games just to catch a glimpse of him and maybe say hi after the game, but we were typically too scared for that. We emailed, texted, and AIMed to stay in touch. I specifically remember that we would email each morning and ask each other different random questions like favorite food, color, and music. The month ended with us finally deciding to tell our parents. Due to my past experiences, I determined that if I was serious about this guy that my parents absolutely had to be involved. So after much anxiety we finally told our parents that we were interested in someone. A date was set to meet for ice cream at Huskey’s mainly so our families could meet. I was terrified to say the least, and we were supposed to meet after his baseball practice, which I’m pretty sure went about an hour over that night…I didn’t think I would EVER get his phone call…


Our first profile pic together from our night getting ice cream. Edited with picnik back then of course! 

I am planning on writing out a good bit of our “love story” here. Do I care if you guys like it? Eh. Not really. I’m honestly doing it for me. I have tidbits written down here and there but I really want to have it all written down for my sake, plus I like thinking over these memories. I will write more later, I’m going to go finish our dating anniversary evening with milkshakes and a movie! 

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