This Sunday Currently

I read a few different blogs that participate in the Sunday Currently, and I really want to be one of them. I have attempted to start these posts quite a few times but Sundays are hard to write on between Church, small groups, menu planning, and finishing up my homework for the week. I really wanted to try it again this week though and hopefully this one won’t end up in my drafts folder like all the rest! So here we go…


Writing nothing. Although I should really start writing the 10 page paper due in a week. Yea, that would probably be a good idea, then maybe I can tackle the 12 pager so I can actually graduate. I do miss writing in my journal though…hopefully that’s a habit I can pick back up when school is over.

Listening to the TV and husband’s sleep breathing. It’s Sunday afternoon TV/nap time aka procrastination time.

Thinking that we are incredibly blessed by our church family. Although we are new to this body, we have been welcomed with open arms and we love serving here. Today is a BIG Sunday for us. I’m not going to go into all the details quite yet, but God has opened some amazing doors of ministry and we were excited to participate today. We also have our amazing small group tonight which is a big group of young marrieds meeting at the Pastor’s house for food, fellowship, and discussion.

Smelling the turtle brownie husband is eating. He might have poured wayyy to much additional caramel on it. It looks good though, I might have to indulge.

Wishing there were way more hours in a day, well mostly just the weekend. I can never get enough done. I think I need one day for fun, one day for homework, one day for house work, and one day for church and relaxation. I vote we have 3 day work weeks and four day weekends. Any takers?

Hoping to get my homework finished this afternoon and get the dishes done. That would make for a pretty good Monday if I can start off on the right foot. Sorry for all the talk about homework and housework (Interesting…two words VERY similar meaning completely different things..ha) but it’s basically what my life consists of these days and not much else.

Wearing shorts and a sweatshirt. One of my favorite combos for this weird warm/cold weather we can’t escape. Also curled up under one of my favorite throws that is a gorgeous yellow. Anxious for when shorts can become a normal thing again that can be worn outside the house.

Loving the sunshine. It’s much cooler out today, but this sunshine is so good for the soul. This winter has been the longest of my life, and

Wanting to read more. I have a growing book wish list and seriously I just want to read. There are fiction and nonfiction books galore that I really want to read. A couple of the ones I’m really wanting to read right now include Divergent, The Antelope in the Living Room, and A Walk Across the Sun. All very different but all ones that I’m wanting to indulge in.

Needing to get a better grip on time management. I seriously struggle with this and somehow can’t seem to get everything I need to done in a reasonable time without losing my mind. Yea, it will get done but I’ll have a panic attack or two and be up half the night in order for that to happen. I’d like to keep it during daylight hours as well as not have a freak out every time I’m stressed.

Feeling exhausted. Not enough sleep these days, but I’ll catch up someday. Until then I’m just gonna push through and try not to fall asleep while driving.

Well there we go! Very first Sunday currently, hopefully I’ll be able to come back soon! Have a great week!


One thought on “This Sunday Currently

  1. so happy to have you linking up this week! 🙂

    i feel you on time management – that’s something that i struggle with, too. lately i’ve been devising routines to help me get through the day while doing both things that i like and things that need to get done. keeping an ink-and-paper planner really helps me stay on task, too! i hope your stress wanes – being stressed is no fun!


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