Menu Planning Monday

Meal planning is such a lifesaver. I still mess up a TON and have nights that we end up eating at Sheetz because the meal flopped, I just don’t feel like cooking, or I forgot half the ingredients. But without it I don’t think I would ever cook dinner and I would order Domino’s pizza every night (it’s my favorite). I’m linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Organizing Junkie.

This week is a busy one and I have major papers to write but I have to eat nonetheless! Here is what we are eating this week!

Monday – We eat out every Monday, tonight is Chick-Fil-A. I work til 5:30, Matt has class from 4-5:15 and again at 7 so it’s really the only way to eat dinner together, plus it gives me a chance to go grocery shopping right after since our weekends tend to be pretty busy.

Tuesday – Chicken Parmesan, Salad, and Garlic Bread. I love this recipe! It’s quick, simple, and delicious!

Wednesday – My chili! I’m hoping that this is the last time I’m going to make it until about October!

Thursday – Burgers (with homemade wheat buns), Jalapeno Mac & Cheese, and sauteed green beans. We love making burgers on our George Foreman grill and I don’t get to do it quite enough. I’m also gonna put a twist on my grandmothers mac and cheese recipe and toss some jalapenos in it.

Friday – Pizza Night!! We are gonna make this a regular to hopefully eliminate my desire to order pizza all the time.

Saturday – We are busy this weekend so we will be out.

Sunday – Crock Pot Italian Chicken, Roasted Broccoli, and Rice (I’m looking for a recipe for homemade Italian dressing, not wanting to use store bought anymore

What is your family eating this weekend? I’d love to know!

2 thoughts on “Menu Planning Monday

  1. Hi 🙂 I love your blog. I am a foodie as well. I am the co host of Arms of Audio a daily entertainment show. Every monday is Kooking with KrisT. I would love for you to check it out and see if you would be interested in being a special guest contributor. tonight at 6:30pm PT 9:30pm ET
    B-T-W I menu plan too and its a total lifesaver!!


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