Five to Look Forward To

A while back I joined a little linkup party called Five on Friday. I really liked it, and I’m not quite sure why I haven’t written another one! I think this week I’m going to talk about Five things that I am looking forward to!

While I had every intention to link up, it seems The Good Life is taking a little break from blogging, so I’m just writing for the sake of writing today! Enjoy!

One: Tonight I am going to an essential oils class. My neighbor is having a little class  and I am so excited to learn more about the oils. I got my first sample a few months ago and placed my first oil order last week! I am using doTERRA oils which from what I have read and heard these seem to be really great! So far the oils I have (or will have soon!) are Wild Orange, Deep Blue, Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. I hope to do a post about these in the future once I really start using it!

Two: I’m looking forward to donating blood. I attempted to donate for the second time yesterday and I still haven’t gotten the chance! The first time I tried I realized I disqualified myself by going out of the country to a malaria infested country. When I went today I was nervous, had a fever, and my heart rate was up a bit. But the killer was my iron. Sadly it was too low after two tests. So Matt and I have plans to ready ourselves by eating right and being healthy and then going to donate for the first time together! It really is something that excites me and I really want to make it a normal part of our life.

Three: There is a challenge of sorts going around these days called 100 Happy Days. I have attempted something similar in the past called 1000 gifts, but I think I need to start smaller with a more achievable goal. I signed up officially today and I’m super excited to get going on this. You can follow my journey on Instagram @megedean. I would love to have you join me! Let me know if you do and I will be sure to follow your journey as well.

Four: The next few weeks I have a lot of things going on. Lots of stressful things, but LOTS of fun things as well. I can’t share the details on these things right now but there should be plenty to write about in the following few weeks!

Five: Graduation. I know I know, it’s a good ways a way and I feel like it’s all I talk about, but seriously. I can’t wait. I graduate May 3rd, then turn 20 the next day! It will be a GREAT weekend and I am counting down 5 weeks and 1 day!

What are you looking forward to in the next few weeks? 

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