Sunday Currently Numero Dos

Guys I don’t speak Spanish. Although I do speak a little Sfrenglish (Spanish, French, English) due to taking two years of French, having a Cuban in the family, and well speaking English. So I have no idea why I’m titling this post that, but hey let’s roll with. 

I am going to link up with Lauren over at Siddathornton again this week!

(PS Hey Lauren! If you are reading this thanks for the love last week!) 


I’m currently…

READING Divergent! I am really excited about this one, and I know, I know, I’m late the ball game. But hey, better late than never right? Husband and I bought the series for my sister for Christmas with the stipulation that once she read them I got to borrow. Well she finally got to it and read it so I picked the first one up from her last night. So far I’m about 100 pages in, but I’m loving it. 

WRITING an Exegetical Paper on Hebrews 6:9-20 (That sounds fancy right?). I’m taking a short break right now to link up really quickly, but really folks, I’m working on it and it’s pretty interesting! Oh the things you do in Bible College. 

LISTENING to the quiet of the house with the heater running. It snowed again today, and we had all the heat off and fans on, so basically it is like a freezer in here. 

THINKING that this week is gonna be a busy one, but a good one. There is a lot going on this week and so much I need to do, but nothing that I am really dreading. I think it will fun, and profitable and just a good week overall. 

SMELLING the cold. Is that possible? I know I’m back to talking about how cold I am, but it’s seriously so cold I’m not smelling anything, just freezing my nostrils when I breathe in. 

WISHING that I was better at the things that I do. Sometimes I get really tired of only being mediocre at everything. I mostly blame this on the fact that I attempt to tackle so many things and therefor they all just come out so-so. I wish I could just focus on a couple things and make them great. Am I the only one? 

HOPING to finish all my homework at a decent time tonight so I can actually get some sleep. Oh and a clean kitchen would be nice too. Maybe I can bribe husband for that one! 

WEARING old sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Hood up and all. Seriously folks, it’s freezing. 

LOVING that it’s going to be 70* this week (after all this snow melts). I would be happy with that temperature all year round I think. Also, it says it’s going to thunderstorm this week which will be amazing. I love a good thunderstorm. Especially at night. 

WANTING to spend a couple days spring cleaning, well actually just cleaning in general would be nice. The thing with being a married student and working is that some things have to fall to the side occasionally. Especially at the end of the semester. For me, housework falls apart. If I let myself I would use it as another tool for procrastination which I regularly do, but I am beyond that now. If anyone wants to clean my house for me, that’d be cool. 

NEEDING to seriously kick it into high gear for school. There is only about a month left, and I get overwhelmed, but I have a list and I’m just working down it at this point. Wish me luck! 

FEELING sleepy. Which is not good. Sundays are busy, and I have a lot of homework to finish! 

Thanks for checking in! Have a good Sunday! 

One thought on “Sunday Currently Numero Dos

  1. I feel bad for wishing it would snow here, because I know the rest of the country is really sick of the snow, but boy do I miss it! Hope you have a great week. 🙂


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