Meal Planning Monday – Failure Edition

Happy Monday Folks! <—Is that an oxymoron? Eh, I guess it is what you make it. Today I am feeling pretty sick (hello migraine) so I am laying low and I’m attempting to finish a paper that may be past due. I am taking occasional fifteen minute breaks and thought I would spend this one (and probably my lunch break) doing my menu planning post for this week! I’m linking up Organizing Junkie again!

First of all we need to talk about last week. I think God wanted to give me something to write about because what are the chances the first week I come back to doing Menu Planning Monday that I flop half my meals? The Chicken Parm on Tuesday was delicious and a piece of cake. It always is, so no problems there. Then Wednesday rolled around. I forgot to mix up the chili and put it in the crockpot before work, so I asked husband if he would mind doing it (I did feel bad, he was really busy), and he was kind and said yes. We had some communication issues on the instructions and well, when I got home it was blackened chili. We attempted to eat a bowl before church, but grabbed some more food afterwards. Thursday came and I got ready to make the whole wheat buns that I put on my menu. It turns out I’m blind and that you needed a bread machine which I so conveniently don’t own. I ended up running to the store after work and grabbing buns there, but the rest of the meal was DELICIOUS! Husband even made the burgers for the first time…yum! Friday was pizza night. That afternoon husband and I took an accidental nap and I therefor forgot to mix up the pizza dough to rise, so I was frantic at 5:30 knowing we had somewhere to be at 6:30. Amazingly enough I found a super fast no rise whole wheat recipe that we loved! Saturday we were in Charleston for a surprise dinner for husband’s grandpa! We had a blast eating out at Longhorn, especially since we don’t eat steak at home, and the cake was a giant heavenwhich from Lil’ Bit of Heaven Cupcakes that was delicious! Then Sunday rolled around and we went to church. While I’m sitting in the service it hits me that first of all, I never bought the chicken for dinner, which means I never put it in the crock-pot!  Oops! I felt horrible, but we ended up at Panera so neither of us minded much.

lil bit

Giant Heavenwhich (Cookie Sandwhich)

Anyways, Here is to hoping this week goes MUCH better than last week!

Monday – Out as usual! Who know’s where.

Tuesday – Our favorite meal, which is Lemon Garlic Cheesy Chicken, Roasted Broccoli, Carrots, and Mashed Potatoes. The Chicken is to die for. Seriously. I of course make a few changes, but that’ts the general recipe that I follow.

Wednesday – Crock Pot Chicken Fajitas. We love this meal it’s simple, easy, and pretty dang good!

Thursday – Lasagna! I’ll probably make a double batch and toss one in the freezer. It’s a super simple family recipe that both husband and I love.

Friday – Pizza night per the norm. I think I am going to attempt some NY style pizza though. It’s my favorite and I want to be able to eat it at home too! Any tips?

Saturday – We have plans to hit up a local Beckley event ‘Souper Art Walk’ and I’m sure we will consume some soup while we are there!

Sunday – We have a baby shower luncheon at our church so we will be eating there.

What are you going to eat this week? Also, what are you go to weeknight meals? Always looking for more ideas!

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