Sunday Currently – Three

Woohoo! Three weeks in a row, I think it’s a huge success honestly. I love writing these up every Sunday, and I hope you all enjoy reading them.

This week has been a great week. The first half was so discouraging, but after getting to sit down and talk to husband for a while about expectations and what the next month is going to look like I felt much better. I am thankful to be walking this path with him and for his understanding that the house is going to be a wreck, food is going to suck, and I’m probably going to cry a lot. But at the end of this grueling month, I will have succeeded and it will be over. Anyways, onto this Sunday currently…

READING nothing other than books for research for the numerous papers I need to write. Sister wasn’t finished with Insurgent yet, but will hopefully bring it to me in two weeks. That gives me a good incentive for working hard on homework until then so I can lose myself in the book for two days.

WRITING papers papers and more papers. I can do this…Before April 28th I have 1 exegetical paper on Hebrews to turn in (Final Draft 15 pages), 1 one page biology summary, 1 five page research paper on a parable, 1 four page topical paper on Ruth, and 1 twelve page commentary style paper on the whole book of Ruth. Heh. I can do it.

LISTENING to the Songs for Spring playlist on Spotify. Husband and I are digging it today! I’ll take any bit of spring I can get these days!

THINKING about organizing things. I have no time to do it now, but May will consist of going through boxes and throwing LOTS of things away, as well as lots of organization and to I’m excited would be an understatement! I can’t wait. I’m one of those people who hates to clean, but loves to organize. Am I the only one?

SMELLING the cake mix cookies that are finishing up baking. We are responsible for dessert at our small group tonight and we decided on three spring flavors for easy to make cookies; strawberry, orange, and lemon. I have tasted them all and they are delicious plus they have the house smelling great.

WISHING we would have made it to bed earlier last night. We went to a Marshall University baseball game last night that lasted a little long, and then we had quite a bit to do after we got home so it was a late night for us which made for a tough Sunday morning and an even more difficult Sunday afternoon that is napless.

HOPING this week goes by slowly, yet quickly. I need enough time to get everything done, but at the same time I wouldn’t mind to get this week over with.

WEARING my church dress, my Mrs. Dean apron, and powdered sugar everywhere. It was a messy afternoon.

LOVING the communication between husband and myself these days. I have always struggled with serious face to face communication. I’d rather write you a note and pass it to you to read and then for you to write me back. Something about serious conversations stresses me out. I blame this partially on being afraid I won’t get to say everything I need to say to get my point across, but we have been working on it this week and it’s been great.

WANTING to go on vacation. We officially picked a date this week, but we have a LONG ways to go until then and I am desperate for some serious sunshine and relaxation.

NEEDING to stay focused. My sister always struggled more with paying attention, but these days I can’t stay focused on one thing for long enough to get anything accomplished. I think I will remedy this by setting up a little schedule with regular breaks from big projects to focus on smaller things.

FEELING full and blessed. Today was a great day at church. We have officially stepped into the role as Children’s Sunday School directors. It’s exciting and scary to be swimming in such new waters but we have a great church that is supporting us. Today we had a family event during Sunday School that I think went great and we are excited to continue to get to know and serve these families.

It’s gonna be a good week and I hope it is for you too! Link up with us over at Siddathornton!