Menu Plan Monday — Six

Wow! It has been a while since I have written, and boy have I missed it. But I think I’m officially back in the saddle. I have two finals left this week, Bible Conference on Thursday and Friday and then graduation on Saturday! I am so excited!

There are some huge changes coming up in our life these days. Hopefully I can write a bigger post on these changes soon, but until then just keep us in your prayers because with big changes comes huge decisions and responsibility. Definitely feeling like a married couple and not just like we are playing house these days. (Note – Today we bought our first car! More on this later:)

Well back to the whole meal planning thing. These past two weeks have been brutal. Blogging is far from the only thing that has fallen off my lap. It has basically just consisted of eating (sometimes), sleeping a little, breathing, studying and sometimes talking to husband. That has been just about it. No cooking, cleaning, or fun. We have eaten out way too much, and the few meals I have attempted to cook I have ruined. I am so looking forward to making good food again for once.

So here we go linking up with Organizing Junkie again this week!

Monday – Out as usual. Not sure where although I know it won’t be Taco Bell. I suffered from some food poisoning from there over Easter weekend. Never.again.

Tuesday – My Chicken Pasta with a whole grain baguette. It is made up of chicken, bell peppers and other delicious things.

Wednesday – Meatball Subs and Caesar Salad. I have never made these before, but I think it sounds pretty delicious and easy! I always like to do crockpot meals on Wednesdays because I don’t get home from work until almost 6pm and we leave for church around 6:45 which leaves zero time for cooking other than final details. I’ll mix up the salad before work too!

Thursday – Baked pork chops, Sauteed Asparagus, and Parmesan Mashed Potatoes

Friday – Crock Pot Chicken Tacos

Saturday – Graduation Lunch Out and Pre-Concert Dinner at Chili’s. Matt got me concert tickets months ago as a graduation present. I’m super excited to go see Casting Crowns for the third time. I almost always go to Chili’s before concerts in Charleston, so definitely keeping with tradition.

Sunday – Birthday Lunch out! I have a huge weekend! Graduation Saturday, and I turn 20 on Sunday! Let’s party all weekend!!

I’m off to grocery shop really quickly so I can get home and study for my biology exam tomorrow. I probably should have started studying a while ago. Oh well. Have a great week!

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