This Sunday Currently – Birthday Edition

Happy Sunday! I know it’s late, but I really wanted to link-up with siddathornton today anyways. It’s been a crazy weekend but a good one. Hope you have had a great one!

READING quite a few different things. Thankfully this category has picked up recently. This past week I tore through The Fault in Our Stars by John Greene which was a great read. Yesterday I started Abandoned during our trip to Charleston. It’s a book about the abortion wars which is tough to read but super interesting. Then last night I picked up The Antelope in the Living-room which is an awesome marriage memoir type book that I am so excited to get into. Then today for my birthday my sweet sister got me Spectacular Now. Super exiting times reading these days!

WRITING nothing right now. It feels good to have all of those papers done. I do want to be writing more blog posts and journaling personally for myself though.

LISTENING to sister play video games. It’s nice to be home for the day even if it’s just for a little while. I miss spending time with the family but I’m thankful they aren’t too far away.

THINKING about how blessed I am. Yesterday I graduated from Appalachian Bible College with an Associates degree in Theology. Then today I turned 20! It has been a whirlwind weekend but I have loved every second of it especially being surrounded by some of the most important people in my life.

WISHING that I didn’t return to working mornings again this week. I mean I’m thankful for the money again but that 5:45 alarm is going to kill me after almost a month without it. But it will be nice to up and ready for my day everyday, and it might result in me actually being able to go to sleep at night.

HOPING to start studying my essential oils more this week. I really want to learn as much as I can about them and continue to grow my knowledge and hopefully a business as well!

WEARING my pajamas. Guys I just wanted to relax so after lunch I crawled back into my pajamas and curled up under a blanket. Plus, it’s my birthday so I can do what I want right?

LOVING the weather recently. Totally embracing this whole springtime weather thing. The best part of it all? Wearing sandals again. I got a pedicure this week in everything in preparation for more sandals.

  NEEDING to have a productive week. I need to start seriously packing and cleaning house and staying on top of all the normal wifely duties. It will be nice to just have housework and actual work and no homework!

FEELING exhausted. This week has been an incredibly long one and honestly I can’t wait to sleep basically all day tomorrow. My body is screaming over the stress it’s been under the past few weeks.

Join us and tell us what your Sunday is like! Off to enjoy the last few hours of my birthday! Have a great week!

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