This Sunday Currently – Five

I know I know, I’m horrible and I have abandoned my poor blog. I honestly thought being done with school would leave me with much more time to get things accomplished, but somehow being not so busy results in being way too lazy. I have seriously done just about nothing the past two weeks, but it all changes now. There are huge changes coming my way and it’s time to accept it and get moving. So for this Sunday I’m back to doing my usual This Sunday Currently post with the lovely Siddathornton blog. Go check her out!

This Sunday Currently…

READING The Antelope in The Living Room still! I have about a chapter left but I honestly don’t want it to be done. I’ll probably finish it up tonight and start into Spectacular Now tomorrow. I am loving reading again although I’m starting to run out of ideas for what to read. I’m always up for some suggestions!

WRITING lists upon lists. I procrastinate by writing lists that I think will help in the long run. I’m honestly not sure if they do but we can pretend right? I’m a list maker and I always will be. You should see my packing lists for traveling…shew, they are detailed. We are moving in two short weeks (WHAT?) and that warrants about 20 long lists at least.

LISTENING to the silence that comes with a Sunday afternoon. Both of my partners in crime (husband and momma) are down for the count and I think they are snoring. I figured I would get in some writing time while it was quiet and I still could. Ya know, before I get productive and stuff.

THINKING about what we are going to be eating this week. It’s normal for my discussion to revolve around food on Sundays as I plan my menu for the week. I typically link up on Mondays with my meal plan! You should too! Also, with the recent heat I have been looking for recipes that require less oven usage, because our current place doesn’t have A/C. Any tips other than typical salad?

SMELLING absolutely nothing. The husband and I are officially suffering from spring allergies, and we have been a mess this week. I think husband is suffering a bit more though. He is feeling really bad and is trying to sleep it off for a while.

WISHING that the house would pack itself. I’m really thankful we get to move, I really am. But I am dreading going through everything and packing it up. Wish me luck?

HOPING I don’t have too much trouble throwing things out as we pack. We have turned into major pack rats and honestly I want to be the opposite of this. Mom helped me go through some stuff this weekend, but I need more help and people forcing me to get rid of stuff. I seem to have an emotional attachment to…everything?

WEARING yoga pants and my favorite teal Old Navy tank. Sad news though, I just realized the tank has a hole in it so looks like I need to order a new one (or four). Can you say online shopping? I don’t have an Old Navy within 60 miles, but I need to do some summer shopping…

LOVING that it cooled down a bit this weekend. We had resorted to staying in our bedroom 24/7 since it was the only room under like 80 degrees this week. I mean guys, I opened my cabinet and my jar of coconut oil was completely liquefied. That is proof that it is just too hot indoors. I can’t wait to have central air soon! Yay new apartment!

WANTING to throw everything away and start fresh. I would so do this if it weren’t for a)my sentimental attachment to EVERYTHING b)how not practical that would be. A girl can dream though right? I am dying for some new furniture, or at least maybe some slightly updated.

NEEDING to clean up our bedroom. Are we the only ones that struggle with our bedroom being completely overrun by clothes? I mean it’s not dirty per say, just clothes. everywhere. I got a good start on it this week, but then it got all messed up again when I didn’t fold me laundry. Oops.

FEELING like I need a nap. Although it’s not gonna happen today I don’t think.

CLICKING all over that girl has some awesome DIY stuff and some great tips for living in a small space!

Well I gotta head out and take my momma back to her house! Have a great Sunday!

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