Five Blogging Goals

I was thinking this morning that I have been blogging for nearly six years! (If you want to read some embarrassing stuff check out my first blog) That number seems a little ridiculous to me considering I’m only 20. Nonetheless, blogging is something that has always been of interest to me. I have grown up while writing, but it is still something I love to do. Consistency over these six years have been a struggle, but I never went too long without at least checking in. When I wrote my first post (I know it’s a game changer! ha.) I was a freshman in high school and currently being home-schooled. My goals at that point in time were to just share what was going on in my life, specifically for family and friends to read. I would share pictures occasionally, write about my plans, and basic goings on. Over the past six years that has been the norm. Sometimes I would share about a topic that was on my heart or something else but it has basically chronicled my life (even if it was a rarity). During all six of these years my life has revolved around school whether it be high school or my two years working on my associates degree. For the first time in my life this is not the case. School has always affected my blogging whether it be the amount of work I still needed to do and was instead blogging or simply the fact that the majority of my content mentioned school because it was my life. I am finally at the point where I can focus on things other than the paper that needs to be written or the book that has to be read.

Now that I don’t have to write academically I really want to focus on writing here. Not just chronically my daily life (although there will still be plenty of that too!) But instead, writing about things that I’m passionate about, doing a series or two on important topics, making things and sharing it with you and just growing this blog in general. I also really want to invest time getting more involved with the blogging community.  From what I have been able to participate I already know it is an amazing community. I would also love to go to a Blogger Conference someday (do these even exist on the east coast?!). But seriously, how fun would that be?

In an effort to grow this blog and enjoy it the way I have always wanted I have come up with a few personal goals that I thought I would share with you all!

  1. Post regularly – while this is vague, I haven’t come up with what exactly I want my “regular” to be. I know that posting 5 times a week is probably stretching it a bit, but I’m thinking of aiming for 3 or 4. I have a month to figure this one out though, since I have taken on the challenge of blogging 25 days in the month of June! The important thing is that I want to be consistent, and avoid disappearing for a month at a time if I can avoid it.
  2. Write about things that matter to me – I have so many things that I am learning about and that I really want to share with you. So many important parts of my life that I think are worth sharing (not to sound proud). A few of these topics are Essential Oils, Photography, Natural living, Doula/Natural Childbirth, Homemaking and the list goes on. Hopefully I can work on sharing these things more.
  3. Include more pictures – This one kind of goes with the mention of photography, but I am ashamed of the lack of pictures that I put on here. Pictures are such an important part of my life that I need to learn to get over my laziness and put the daggone things in the posts! There are lots of reasons I think pictures are a good thing in blog posts so I guess I need to take my own advice and just do it. I am going to try to share one picture per post these days, even if all it is is a button in there somewhere.
  4. Interact with other bloggers – Guys, I am such a seriously lazy person. I sit over here and expect people to comment on my blog and follow it and show interest, when I won’t do that for some of my favorite blogs. I need to learn to show my bloggers some love and let them know that I enjoy what they write. I would also love to guest post on a blog or two eventually.
  5. Stay genuine – One of my new favorite bloggers Lauren over at Siddathornton, who I am joining for the June blogging challenge, wrote about some problems she had with the last time she tried to blog everyday. Quality is so much more important to me than quantity. I don’t want to be doing random things just to do them, but I want to produce quality content that people can actually enjoy. This is really important to me and one I really hope I can stick with, although I know it wont happen ALL the time.

I realize that these goals may not matter at all to you, but at least you can hold me accountable to my goals and what my purpose is for this blog these days. I’ll be back tomorrow hopefully sharing a bit more of my love story!

siddathornton.blogspot.comAlso yay for completing day THREE! 

3 thoughts on “Five Blogging Goals

  1. Hi Meg My name is Kamisha. I am new to blogging. I am a student, work full time. So I’m juggling it all. I LOVE to write. But I am struggling to know what to write when i sit down. I read your goals and one was blog about what you love. And I love so much. Can you offer any kind of advice on how to get started please. I’m on twitter too @lysha04 and Facebook. Thank you!!


    • Hi Kamisha! Welcome to the blogging community 🙂 It is a great thing to be a part of! In regards to suggestions for writing…I struggle with this a lot too which is why for the most part I have written about the daily happenings in my life up until this point. You need to think of a specific purpose for your blog and what type of readers you want to connect to. Once your purpose is determined think about topics that have to do with that purpose. Whenever you think of an idea of something to write, jot it down (I have a list in my phone) and then you can work through that list. Good luck!


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