Our Love Story // Part Two

I figured I could continue our love story, mostly for my sake of writing it all down, but also just to share it with others. I think it’s pretty special even if you don’t, haha. You can read part one here! Enjoy.

Another picture from our first date

Another picture from our first date! 

Finally my phone rang! He was out of baseball practice and it was time to head over to the ice cream shop. My mom and his dad stayed inside while we (along with our built in chaperone, my sister) headed outside. We attempted to talk, but it was terrifying. Our parents eventually finished talking, or maybe the shop just closed and so we said goodbye and headed home. But plans had been made that he would join my family for a birthday lunch the day after my 15th birthday.

I went shopping for a special outfit and made all the plans. We were meeting my dad downtown at Chili’s, one of my favorite restaurants then. The day finally came and it was very rainy, pouring the rain all day actually. Matthew came and met my dad (in full uniform and all) and was a total gentleman. He bought me a Bath and Body Works set of my favorite scent and a sweet card. Everything went wonderfully! All until we decided to walk over to the mall.

As we were walking in the doors, Matthew decided to open the door for me by hitting the handicap button. I was already nearly to the door, so the door swung open and hit me in the face. I was fine, but it was definitely not a great starting out impression, especially to my parents. But the rest of the day went well and we knew there would be more get-togethers in the future for sure. Until then, we would make phone calls, send emails, and AIM.

I’m not 100% sure when we saw each other next, but I think it was on Mother’s Day a few weeks later. I had been on a camping trip that we left early from and got home late Saturday night, and he had gone to Kings Island with his school. Mother’s day was a tough day for him because it was his first Mother’s Day without his Mom who had passed away in May the year before. He invited me to go with his aunt to the mall for the day. After begging for permission from mom and asking forgiveness for abandoning her on her day, plans were made and they were there to pick me up! Matthew had gotten me a teddy bear at Kings Island that was identical to my current older favorite teddy bear! It took forever for me to tell him I had one that was basically the same. I learned to love them both though!


Following our memorial day date, we went to books-a-million for a bit. Doesn’t everyone take pictures there? 🙂 

Later that month I got the chance to meet the rest of his family. Most people would think that meeting aunts and uncles and grandparents and other extended family is more for later on in the relationship, but his family all lived very close to each other so it was time! I joined them for their Memorial Day Weekend cookout. I fell in love with his family from the beginning and not much has changed since! They are a loving family that truly cares about you and I am so glad they are officially my family now too!

One thought on “Our Love Story // Part Two

  1. I love your story. It’s very sweet. It’s wonderful to meet someone you truly love. And you get along well with they’re family. I’m actually seeing someone who I love very much. They don’t know.


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