The Sunday Currently // Seven

This is going to be a short one but I really wanted to do a quick Sunday Currently post and check in for the day, but the rest of the evening is going to be devoted to husband and celebrating our first anniversary! So I am linking up with Siddathornton as usual!


READING a few new things. Husband and I went to get our library cards and I picked up a couple of books on birth (no, not pregnant, just doula training) as well the novel The Help which I haven’t actually started yet. I can’t wait though!

WRITING lots of love notes. In case you didn’t know, the first anniversary gift is supposed to be paper, and part of my gift to husband was quite a few love notes. It’s a good thing I love lots about him!

LISTENING to the TV play in the background. We are spending this anniversary relaxing as much as we can since we don’t get much of that these days. Video games are up next (yes, I know I am the best wife in the world.)

THINKING about the wonderful past year I have had with my husband.

SMELLING the year old wedding cake that we just attempted to eat and then smeared all over each other’s faces. That is normal right? The cake was disgusting, and I can still taste and smell it. Ew.

WISHING that husband and I could run away for a mini vacation. We were glad to stay home this weekend due to finances but most importantly being there for my friends wedding. A part of me still wishes we could run off though!

HOPING to find a job this week. I have sent in quite a few applications and I’m going to follow up this week.

WEARING lounging clothes that are far too embarrassing to describe, but later tonight we are going out for dinner and I’m going to wear my exit dress from our wedding which I am pretty excited about!

LOVING the time I am having at home these days. This time has even more confirmed where my heart lies in my passion to be at home and investing in my family. My heart is certainly a bit sad to think of being investing the majority of my time else where.

WANTING to finish unpacking this week! We already have more unpacked here than we ever did at the old apartment, but I am still wanting to finish it up!

NEEDING to get better sleep these days. We go to bed early due to husband being up early for work, but my schedule is all out of whack. It’s driving me crazy!

FEELING in love. I know, I know, cliche and mushy. But seriously is there any other way one is going to feel on their anniversary? I am crazy in love with this husband of mine and I’m not afraid to show it.

Have a great weekend!

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