Menu Plan Monday // Nine

Monday is upon us again, so that means it’s time for Menu Plan Monday! This week isn’t going to be too busy with specific plans, but there is plenty I can be working on around the apartment. I am enjoying having extra time, but I know this time is going to come to a close soon enough. Until then, I am embracing all of it!

Last week the meals went wonderfully. Monday’s meal was delicious and man I am addicted to sweet potato fries in that Siracha Mayo dipping sauce. All I do to make that is use some all natural mayonnaise ( I can’t remember the name but it’s delicious!), a few squeezes of Siracha, and a sprinkle of ground red pepper. It is amazing especially with the sweet potatoes dipped in it! I also wanted to mention that the Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas were amazing! I threw a little bit of cream cheese into the mix as well and it was great. I topped it with some picante sauce and it was the perfect topping. Also, Friday’s Taco Pizza was great. I thought I would share how I made it and maybe you could enjoy it as well!

Taco Pizza Recipe


-Your favorite pizza crust 

-Re-fried Beans

-Favorite shredded cheese (I used a mix of cheddar, pepper jack, and colby jack)

-Head of lettuce, chopped

-Tomato, diced (optional)

-Small onion, dice (optional)

-Sour cream


Instructions – Mix up your favorite pizza crust recipe and preheat your oven accordingly. Coat the pizza crust in a light layer of olive oil, then top with re-fried beans and half of the cheese. Bake in oven according to crust directions. Once done top with lettuce, tomato, onion, and remainder of cheese. Use salsa and sour cream as dipping sauce or put on pizza. Enjoy!!!

Now here is our menu for this coming week! I am linking up as usual with Organizing Junkie!


Monday – Our very favorite mealGarlic-Lemon Double Stuffed Chicken, Roasted Broccoli, and Mashed Potatoes

Tuesday – Taco Salad

Wednesday – Spaghetti and Garlic Bread

Thursday – BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, sweet potato fries, and corn on the cob

Friday – Pizza of some form

Saturday – Soup and Salad (I know it’s summer, but I love me some soup. I’ll cool it down with some salad though!)

Sunday – Father’s Day Meal — Roast Beef, Green Beans, Corn, and Mashed Potatoes!

Now I’m going to do some housework and go grocery shopping! I hope you have a great week!

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