Starbucks and Sunburns

This is probably going to be my worst post ever. Due to being posted from my phone in which I have no idea how to format on. I don’t have internet long enough to get a decent post up and I really didn’t want to go another day without a post, so here we go anyways.
Tomorrow I am going to go enjoy one of these crazy indulgences while mooching off of Starbucks free wifi, write a few blog posts and apply to 284729474 jobs.


I am wondering when the perfect job is going to fall in my lap. I actually thought I found something that would be amazing but I’m just not sure it will work out. Hoping I can make major progress tomorrow.
On another note, I am burnt to a crisp. We spent too long at the pool with a miniature bottle of sunscreen. Husband is a ginger so he definitely has priority on the sunscreen. Oh well this too will pass!

I’ll hopefully have some great new content for you all coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Starbucks and Sunburns

    • Hey Lysha! I love reading blogs, and I’m constantly finding new ones so this is by no means an extensive list, if you visit any of them make sure to show them some love and say who sent you!


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