Apartment To-Do List

So yesterday I ended up working on stuff at home and never made it to Starbucks so no post again. Grrr. But I am spending my day here today and that means here is a post! Please forgive the horrible quality of pictures. I promise to include real ones soon enough and do an actual home tour.

One of my favorite bloggers, Rachel Schultz, has a section on her blog where she shares the goals for updates and projects in her home. I love reading her list and seeing how her home has updated and changed. It is such an inspiration to see how she has made a small apartment work for her and her husband. Since we have moved into our new apartment, and we really want to make this place as much like home as possible, I decided I would like to share this process with you as well. I’m sure this list will grow and change as time goes on but as of right now, this is what I have going on!

*excuse picture quality*

 Living Room/Dining Room –




–          Put up a gallery wall around TV (that I managed NOT to take a picture of)

–          Organize/Curate bookshelf

–          Come up with cord mess solutions

–          Make pillow covers for couch pillows

–          Update a few small items with some paint

–          Make scrapbook paper coasters

–          Curtain Rod solution (at least take down greenery)

–          Coffee Table possibly

–          Dining Room Lighting

Kitchen –


–          Corner shelf for various things

–          Coffee Center

–          Pantry cabinet organization

–          Pots and Pans cabinet fix

–          Make Curtains/roman shades

Bathroom –

–          Shower storage solution

–          Black and White shower curtain

–          Wall art/shelves

–          Under sink organization

Master Bedroom –


–          Wall Décor

–          New Matching Lamps

–          New comforter

–          Closet Organization

Guest Bedroom –

–          Become not a storage room (Once that happens there will be pictures)

We have a lot to do but we are excited to make it our own! I never really embraced the whole settling in thing at our old apartment because I knew we would be moving out within the year. I have lots of plans for this place and can’t wait to see it come together. Hospitality is important to us and we really want this home to be a place where people can come and feel comfortable. Hopefully it will be just that!

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