The Sunday Currently // Eight

Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful dads and people that have filled that role for others. The world would be a pretty sad place without dads around. I’m thankful for mine and so glad I get to spend the day with him! As normal, I’m linking up with Siddathornton for The Sunday Currently!
READING a couple of books about birth before I return them to the library this week. The last few nights though, were spent staying up far too late reading The Help! I really enjoyed it, and I’m ready to watch the movie again!

WRITING more and more blog posts. I have started writing them as word documents for future posts and I’m enjoying the content I’m producing and I hope you will too!

LISTENING to my Colby Callait station on iTunes Radio constantly these days. I love her music and stuff like it. I have really started using iTunes Radio a lot in general. It’s so quick to just turn on and listen while cooking, cleaning and other things throughout the days

THINKING about the blessings of fathers! I know I have been blessed with a great dad, father-in-law, and many many many father figures in my life! They have molded and shaped me into who I am today. They care for us, love us, provide for us, and protect us. Go hug your dad today!

SMELLING my delicious, awful for you, microwave, movie theater butter popcorn. Guilty pleasure guys.

WISHINGI had good news on the job front. I feel this week is it. Pray with all you got!

HOPING I can make some major unpacking progress this week. We did work on it some last week, but I want to have access to my sewing machine, which means I need to do quite a bit more!

WEARING comfy pajamas! Such a lazy person, but after a full day of cooking and enjoying time with family this is obviously the only option.

LOVING worship team participation at church recently. I have gotten to sing as a fill in a few times and I really enjoy it. Husband has been playing guitar for a couple months now, and the last two weeks he played the congas and the bass! Yes, he is crazy talented, but taken.

WANTING to expand my cooking ability. Guys, I can cook. I can follow a recipe, or make up my own to a degree. But I have zero actual knowledge of what I’m doing. It’s all a guess. Husband approves, but I am getting tired of the same old things!

NEEDING to get out and exercise more. Last week we went swimming, and went on a long walk. I really want to go walking everyday. We have a great trail nearby and it’s time to utilize it!

FEELING exhausted. Early bedtime for me tonight for sure.

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