Menu Plan Monday // Ten

Groceries are expensive, especially when you are trying to eat organic tasty meals. In an attempt to save money until I find a job, we have cut out almost all of our organic regular purchases. We are still eating pretty healthy, but taking a break on the organic. Honestly, our grocery bill has not decreased very much. It’s time to make some more changes, and after reading some blogs and looking at recipes, I have decided to implement a strict grocery budget. We probably won’t be eating super delicious meals, but if it can save us from money for a while, and teach me how to work with a budget.  I’m almost afraid to share what my budget is, but to hold myself accountable I think I will. Honestly, I want to spend way less than this, but if I can pull this number off it will be a major improvement.

$50 – 2 People – One Week

Monday – Potato Soup and Salad (We didn’t get the chance to  eat this last week)

Tuesday – Chicken Pasta and  whole grain baguette

Wednesday – BBQ Chicken Nachos (Leftover from BBQ sandwiches last week)

Thursday – Picadillo, my favorite Cuban dish. Served with Beans and Rice

Friday – Pizza

Saturday – Veggie Pasta

Sunday – Italian Chicken, Rice and Corn

As usual I am linking up with Organizing Junkie for today. What is your family eating this week? How do you stay on a grocery budget?

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday // Ten

  1. This won’t help on meat, but have you tried shopping at Sam’s Club and buying things frozen in bulk? That has helped us TREMENDOUSLY! We go once a month and buy bags of frozen chicken breasts, frozen vegetables, pasta, bulk containers of frequently used spices, paper goods, supplies to make homemade cleaning products, diapers, etc. It has greatly cut down on my weekly grocery spending!

    Also, if you have access to a deep freezer, buying meat in bulk has helped greatly too! T&M Meats in Cross Lanes cut us a great deal and let us choose the cuts of meat we wanted. Instead of just buying 1/4 of a cow and having cuts we would never eat, we created our own package with bacon, boneless pork chops, whole fryers, ground chuck, a few steaks and roasts, etc. We thought it would last us 6 months, but it looks like it might last us quite a bit longer. It’s a bit pricey up-front, but it helps in the long run.

    Another thing that I’m sure you already do (it sounds like it from the BBQ chicken nachos you’re making) is to use leftovers as another meal or to make a totally different meal from it. Sometimes, I’ll make a whole chicken, use the chicken to make a casserole, then Alex will finish deboning the chicken, and we’ll freeze the broth and use it later (along with some boullion cubes and extra water) to make broth for chicken soup.You can do the same thing with leftover roast, using it to make chili or vegetable beef stew and throw in whatever vegetables you have on hand.

    I am by NO means an expert. I’m still researching and learning how to save money, especially when grocery shopping, but those are some things that we have learned recently that may or may not help you.


    • Thank you for all these tips! We have minimal storage place is the problem with buying bulk:/ Maybe I can downsize in some areas and clear up some room for other things! 🙂


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