The Sunday Currently // Nine

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. I guess I have officially failed my June challenge, but that’s okay. I have learned quite a bit, and I have posted more than ever before! Despite this failure, I will keep posting and keep growing and learning. I’m excited to have you with me on this journey! I am fully open to suggestions for how to make it even better.

As usual, I am linking up today with Siddathornton for The Sunday Currently

READING The Spectacular Now. My sister got me this book for my birthday and I am just now getting around to reading it. So far so good! My one issue I have with reading is that when I do I become completely engrossed in the book. Tell me, how do you read for enjoyment at a healthy rate that doesn’t leave you staying up all night for a few nights to finish it?

WRITING not nearly enough these days. I am slowly starting to pick up my journal a bit more and trying to focus on the fact that I write because I enjoy it!

LISTENING to the thunderstorms recently. As long as I’m at home, I so enjoy a good summer afternoon thunderstorm. The rolling of thunder and the downpours of rain are some of my favorite sounds. Especially when I want to take a nap! What is it about rain that makes us sleepy?

THINKING about what I am going to make for dinner this week. Sometimes, this task is quite frustrating and I beg husband to just tell me what to cook, but sometimes I enjoy browsing Pinterest, recipe books, and sales ads. We at pretty well this past week and I am hoping to do the same again this week.

SMELLING our apartment that smells like home. Does that make sense? This apartment had a pretty distinct smell (it’s a basement), while not bad it was definitely noticeable and not very homey smelling. But now, it is home and I can smell it.

WISHING that I could go to NYC. I have been twice now, once with a friend and her mom and once with sister and husband. It was a blast both times, and I just feel like I need about a week to explore and pretend to be a New Yorker. Anybody with me?

HOPING that tomorrow goes well. I’m meeting with the mother that I will be assisting in birth in August. I am so excited, terrified, and completely unprepared. It’s amazing to have something that I am so passionate becoming a reality in my life.

WEARING some summer clothes, and most importantly my newest pair of TOMS. I got them at Christmas, but I haven’t had tons of chances to wear them. I love TOMS, and what they do. I’m attempting to convince husband to get a pair. We will see how that goes! I mean, they are seriously so comfortable so I don’t see why not!

LOVING this Passion Tea Lemonade I’m inhaling at Starbucks right now. So delicious, so refreshing. Although, husband’s Frappuccino looks pretty great too. We are Starbucks addicts in case you didn’t know.

WANTING to get a few more things done at the apartment this week. Some of husband’s family is coming this weekend to visit and we are so excited! We haven’t seen them in a few months, and they haven’t seen the apartment yet. I have a few things that I want to get done so it doesn’t look quite so disorganized. Hopefully I get the chance to share these updates with you too!

NEEDING to get a cleaning/laundry schedule implemented. You know how when you are busy it’s easier to get things done? Okay well right now I am soooo notbusy that I am getting nothing done. It’s ridiculous. I need to get a grip on this pronto. It wouldn’t hurt either, especially once I start working so I can know just what I need to get done and when. Do any of you have cleaning schedules?

FEELING at peace. There are a lot of things in my life that I would change if I had the power, but ultimately God is in control and husband and I are at peace and it’s a good feeling.

CLICKING all over Pinterest per the norm. I’m addicted to that site, I admit it. It’s probably a really good thing we don’t have constant internet access at home or I would literally sit on Pinterest all day. Go check out my boards to see what interests me these days!

I wanted to get through the main part of this post without mentioning my job situation because I knew it would take over. I’m still without a job, but God continues to provide in wonderful ways. As soon as I have news, I will share.

Hope you have a great Sunday evening!

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