Job Update

Job hunting is always an interesting experience that I’m sure many of you could attest to. There are the what seems like millions of applications you fill out, the interviews, the waiting, and plenty of decisions. It’s stressful, and I hate it. 

In the past, God’s hand is always so incredibly obvious in my job search. I can point back to so many times that he worked amazingly through my job situations. In 2010 I had my first real job at Chick-Fil-A that was a blessing (read about my first day here). Our family knew the operator of that location and he was able to provide me with an amazing job for a time (My sister currently works their too!). Then following a knee injury and rehab I was able to nanny for a little while, after turning down a job to go on a missions trip. Then that fall I had the chance to work at a bank for a while in a completely new environment but one that God placed me in so obviously. Then when I went off to college I landed a great job that I was not expecting. Last fall I had a nannying position that only happened because they pursued me. All of these jobs have happened because of works of God in my life. I can look back and I know that there is nothing about me that warranted these jobs at all. 

I know that God provides, and I kept trying to remember all of these amazing things while I was job hunting this time around. I knew God was going to do something amazing, I was just getting frustrated waiting. 

Well, he decided it was time yesterday. I was in Charleston taking care of my sister post-wisdom teeth removal. A family friend contacted me on facebook to see if I was still looking for a job, and she told me her company should be calling me sometime that day. I had applied to this company in the spring, but they weren’t hiring and I had honestly not even really considered them again. Within a few short minutes I received a phone call and 10 minutes later I had a job. This morning I officially accepted the job offer and Monday morning I will beginning a brand new adventure. 

It is going to be a huge change in my life and how our home and family works, but I’m excited about it. I will be working full-time, from home, which is an added bonus. Until then though the next few days are going to be insane preparing my home office and getting everything ready to go! Keep me in your prayers.

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