Summer Bucket List // Update

As was mentioned in my last post, I start a new job Monday! As exciting as this is, I sort of feel like this is signifying the near end of my summer vacation. I have so enjoyed the nearly two months off, especially all the extra time with husband. The time has come though to jump back into routine and full days. I will miss sleeping in, but other than that I am more than ready to get started on a bit of normalcy. I thrive when my days are scheduled and full and I end up getting SO much more done.

With the summer coming to a close I thought a bucket list update was in order. I will finish it up officially probably sometime in September and we will see if my summer was a success!

Summer Bucket List: My goals for the summer! Click for ideas for yours!

1. Go to the pool at least 3 times – local pool twice so far! Plus we are going on vacation soon so I’m sure I will finish this one up!

2. See The Fault in Our Stars – Oh yes. So much crying.

3. Go Camping – err…..

4. Go to a baseball game – Yes! twice actually!

5. Go swimming in a local swimming hole – Well…kind of. We went swimming at Summersville lake. Not a swimming hole, but local freshwater swimming nonetheless.

6. Go to a carnival – since when are these so expensive?! not yet.

7. See fireworks – Yes! Awesome show at a baseball game on the 4th of  July!

8. Have a picnic – not yet. I will remedy this soon!

9. Go to an outdoor concert/music festival – I’m on the hunt. We will find some outdoor music somewhere.

10. Get a real tan – Yes! Although, this summer has resulted in more burns than ever before and I think I am eternally peeling. I know, gross. Despite all of this, I am definitely darker than before.

All in all, it has been a pretty amazing summer.

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