The Sunday Currently // Ten

It has been FAR too long since I have done a Sunday Currently post and that makes me so sad. I am hoping to really jump back into blogging. I have one thing going for me being that I have a new computer and constant internet access which is GREAT! But I also have something going against me considering I am going to be working so much more. Hopefully I can learn to balance the two!

This week has been an absolutely crazy one with VBS, a trip to Charleston, job excitement and more!

Custard Stand

^^ We made a stop at our favorite custard stand Friday night to reward ourselves for surviving VBS!^^

I’m linking up with Siddathornton as usual!

READING a couple books this week, including Sparkly Green Earrings, and The Lucky Ones. I haven’t had a ton of time to read recently and I doubt that’s going to get any better. I’m not going to let myself stop reading though, I definitely need to keep books in my life. I’m also still reading plenty of things preparing for my first Doula birth in August!

WRITING lots of lists. I love lists as has been discussed many times before and I honestly think it’s the only thing keeping my life even partially organized at this point. Are there any other list-writers out there? I can’t imagine a life without lists…maybe I need help.

LISTENING to lots and lots of Colbie Caillat recently. Her music video release this week was phenomenal and I honestly just can’t get enough of her music.  I love the laid back feeling with some awesome vocals.

THINKING about all the laundry I need to do. I can’t tell what is clean and what is dirty in our bedroom right now. someone help me please. We desperately need to actually put away all of our clean clothes, organize our closet, and buy a hamper for the unrealistic amount of dirty clothes we produce. How is this possible?!

SMELLING the delicious scent in my Scentsy. I think it’s some sort of blackberry vanilla, and no it’s not an official Scentsy scent. But it’s heavenly nonetheless and our whole apartment smells of its goodness.

WISHING for a dream home office. We live in a semi small apartment that praise the Lord has two bedrooms. We had just gotten the guest room/sewing room all put together and I had big plans for it and it looked great! Then came the new job which brought with it the need to a home work space. So the sewing machine was pushed off the desk and replaced with a computer. I am currently sitting in a cushioned folding chair. As soon as we can afford it we are going to revamp the space a little. It’s primary purpose will be to serve as my office, secondly the guest room and with any remaining space my sewing room. Until then I will sit at my itty bitty desk in my folding chair and hope for the best!

HOPING that training goes well this week and everything falls into place. It seems so very obvious that this job is where God wants me…but at the same time my human nature takes over and fills this heart with fear and worry. Stressing over scheduling, pre-planned conflicts, adapting and so much more. Going to spend some time in His word this week reminding myself of His plan for me.

WEARING some jeans and a comfy top. We just got back from an afternoon out with church friends and then grocery shopping. The missing Sunday afternoon nap has left me exhausted. Relaxing and movie watching is on the schedule for the evening.

LOVING the cool weather we had this week + the rain. It was a nice break from July heat and helped cool everything down a bit.

WANTING to get the house straightened up before training starts late tomorrow morning. It’s not a total disaster but following a week of VBS there is definitely some work that needs to done. The kitchen is begging for attention and a good deep clean. Hopefully I can accomplish that tomorrow morning!

NEEDING to get a routine down. The past nearly two months of no routine have been fantastic but for a girl who thrives on a schedule I’m beginning to miss it just a bit. Morning and night routines will hopefully become a norm very quickly with a new schedule!

FEELING overwhelmed. Not in a bad way, in the best of ways. God’s grace and provision have completely overwhelmed me this week time and time again. What a week it has been for my heart and soul. It all sort of overflowed at worship this morning. Shew. I am overwhelmingly blessed!

That’s it for today! I will hopefully have my menu plan post up tomorrow as well as a few others this week. Enjoy your last few hours of the weekend!

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