The Little Things // Two

-NOTE: I have been attempting to compose this easy, simple blogpost all week. This whole working and blogging thing is going to be a challenge.-

A while back I posted a short  post of a few little things that I was thankful for. I want to continue this as I work to discover grace, beauty and gifts in the small things of life. A while back I read 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp and the concept of looking at the small gifts in everyday life has stuck with me. I want to keep sharing these things with you all.

With this being the first week of a new job (I promise I’ll stop talking about it eventually) it has brought with it new challenges and new blessings. These few things have stood out to me.

  1. Breakfast burritos with husband on his day off. Honestly I can’t decide if this is more about the delicious breakfast burritos, or the time with husband. Just kidding of course.
  2. Dinner cooked for me on my first day back to work. Husband has never (other than when I was sick) willingly jumped in wanting to cook dinner. But Monday night he did just that and it was delicious! I told him from here on out he can pick one meal each week he wants to cook that will be fully his responsibility. We shall see if we stick to that.
  3. Jamberry Nail samples. I am currently a part of 5 current Jamberry parties on facebook right now! A friend of mine is a new consultant and sent me a couple to try and the first time it didn’t go so well because I cheated and skipped a step. The second time it went SO much better! I can’t wait to get my first official order delivered and hopefully share even more about them. They were a little pick me up this week that I am definitely thankful for10525889_10203563366741035_109942129580101893_n
  4. Rolling coins for vacation. This should more so read God’s provision for vacation. It is amazing the amount of coins we had around the house and saved up in various jars. It will be nice having the extra spending money!
  5. Babies that stay put. As I have mentioned before I am a doula in training. My current client is due mid/late August. Last night there was a pretty real false alarm that resulted in me running around the house like a chicken with it’s head cut off. In the end I was mostly relieved once things calmed down, but also a little disappointed. Now we just need to pray baby continues to stay put until I get back from vacation!

I know these are 5 very little things in my life that probably seem like nothing to everyone else, but they were blessings to me and are regular reminders of God’s hand in my life! Have a good weekend!

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