The Sunday Currently // Eleven

Another week has passed and I have survived my first week of work! It went surprisingly quickly, and I feel like I learned quite a bit. I will have another week of work, and then a week of vacation! I have a feeling this work week will go much slower as I wait for Friday evening! Although, the amount of things I need to get done might make it go much much quicker.

As usual I’m going to link up with Siddathornton for The Sunday Currently.

I’m currently….

READING very little these days. I’m going to return a few books to the library this week that I didn’t get to or didn’t get to finish. I will probably take a book I own to the beach next week. I am good at losing library books. I’m not sure what that one will be though. Probably a light and easy read I’m sure.

WRITING lots of notes for work. It’s been a while since I have filled multiple pages of notebook paper a day. Honestly my hand is killing me, but writing things down really helps me remember them so hopefully this coming week at work I will actually remember what all I learned!

LISTENING to a variety of things these days. I’m really looking forward to putting together our list of CDs for vacation. We are a music lovin’ family to say the least.

THINKING about the things that need to be accomplished before vacation. The list making that will occur this week is a surety. Previously, writing a packing list about a month before vacation would have been normal. Thankfully, my travel anxiety is not nearly as serious at this stage in my life; thanks to a wonderful, understanding, go-with-the-flow, travel companion. Travel anxiety may be under control, but obsessive list making is not.

SMELLING the Italian Chicken that’s currently in the crock pot. This meal is so simple but truly fills the entire house with deliciousness. I think it’s time to eat…

WISHING it was Friday at 5:01pm. That means I would be running out the door, PB&J in hand to begin our adventure down south. Friday, please come quickly.

HOPING for a good week at work. This week went well overall, but I know I have quite a ways to go. I’m a little nervous about how this week will go, but I’m really hoping it will go well.

WEARING my comfy Sunday clothes, aka sweats and a tank top. During the summer we don’t have small group on Sunday evenings so we like to spend our days resting, and cleaning up the house to prepare for the week.

LOVING my new journal. I was a little upset about something while I was at TJ Maxx today and as we were standing in line I saw a stack of various aqua journals. I jokingly grabbed all of them and said I was going to buy them to cheer myself  up. As I went to put them back, I noticed there was one that didn’t have cheesy writing on the front, and it was only $5.99! I had to buy it, and I am so very happy with my purchase. A new journal is just what I needed as I start this new stage of life!


WANTING to sleep well tonight, and basically every night from here on out. Really, that’s all I want. To be able to fall asleep when I go to bed, stay asleep, and wake up rested.

NEEDING to change our eating habits. Husband and I were talking tonight (while grocery shopping for junk) about how badly our eating habits currently are. We need to change, and soon.  Not necessarily for the goal of losing weight, although that is certainly not a problem, but mostly just for the sake of taking better care of our bodies. We are working on setting specific goals that will more than likely go into place post vacation and we will continue on those until the holidays. Details to come!

FEELING like it’s time for vacation. I know I just started working, but between school last year and all of the craziness that was included in our first year of marriage, I think it’s time to get away for just a little while. Also, this will be our first non-honeymoon vacation! This is so exciting to me, and I can’t wait!

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