Menu Plan Monday // Fourteen

What a quick weekend! Weekends are going to be such a treasure now that I’m working. It was nice all I was able to get accomplished this weekend though!

Due to my drive to get things done I menu planned and grocery shopped on SATURDAY! I typically like to put it off until the last minute, but this week was different. It probably helped that I only had to plan 4 dinners before vacation though. I’ll be menu planning for vacation later this week and will hopefully be able to share that with you next week!

No more dilly dallying, lets get down to business and share this Menu Plan! I’m linking up with Laura over at Organizing Junkie as usual! If you are looking for a great place to share your menu for the week, you should join us too!


Monday – Black Bean Quesadillas and Potatoes O’Brian (We love to top our potatoes with salsa!)

Tuesday – Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries

Wednesday – Chicken Stir Fry over rice noodles instead of normal rice(husband’s dinner day)

Thursday – Veggie Pasta (Noodle of choice, sauteed vegetables, topped with marinara sauce)

Well, that’s it for this week! We will be heading out right after work Friday evening, and will probably just grab a PB&J or something like that for the road. Short, sweet and to the point menu planning this week, but that’s alright with me!

Time to get to work on my first full 9 hour-day. Wish me luck!

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