The Sunday Currently // Thirteen

Vacation has officially ended and I have to say I missed this little blog space of mine. We got home yesterday evening following a great week of relaxation, fun, and sweet sleep. We were a little lot worried it was going to rain the entire time. To be completely honest the first day we woke up and I looked at the weather I burst into tears and pouted for a good half hour. We had planned a pretty low-key vacation with minimal expenses since our days would be spent in the sun and I simply didn’t want to give up my ideas for this vacation. I hope to share more this week about how our vacation ended up despite my initial fears, but today is not the day for vacation re-cap because it’s Sunday! Which means I get to link up with one of my favorite bloggers Lauren over at Siddathornton for The Sunday Currently!


READING can I be incredibly honest and ashamedly say I did very little reading on vacation? Because I think I might have read a chapter in a book, if that. Husband doesn’t adore reading, so it’s difficult to sit down for an afternoon of reading with him, which is okay! I can make time to read on my own time. I am hoping to pick up a new book this week so I can participate in a blogging book club this month. More on that later!

WRITING again, I didn’t write as much as a I planned to this week. But that’s alright. I simply chose to spend my uninterrupted time with husband in ways we could both enjoy, which oddly enough was typically watching TV. We don’t have cable so having cable for a week was a real treat for us and just relaxing and watching shows we don’t normally have access to.

LISTENING to the silence of a Sunday afternoon. These are seriously some of my favorite times and nothing feels the same as a lazy Sunday afternoon. It is definitely the calm before the storm.

THINKING about my baby sister’s 18th birthday. I am the planner in the family and have taken on the responsibility of helping plan her party later this month. It’s going to be a blast but there is so much to get done! Also, I’m hoping this one doesn’t turn out like her 13th birthday I planned for her. Due to lack of sleep, pranks and other factors she ended up throwing her new cell phone at me and saying it was the worst birthday ever. Hopefully we won’t have that problem this year! (Just messing of course, it’s a long story)

SMELLING the wavering scents of Sunday dinner. Nothing special, just some simple chicken Parmesan but delicious nonetheless. Short sweet and to the point is how I like to do Sunday dinner/lunch. I don’t really understand how women pull together such a big meal on Sundays.

WISHING I had just a few days to pull life back together before jumping into the work week. Vacation is supposed to be rejuvenating, and while it is I always feel like I need a recovery period after vacation. But alas, this is not the case. Hopefully a good nights sleep will be just enough to get me kick started into the week.

HOPING to catch up at work this week. It really stinks missing a week of work while still being in the midst of training. I’m praying I’m not too dreadfully behind, but I know it’s going to take a lot of work on my part to catch up to everyone else I was hired with. I pray by the end of this week I will be caught back up.

WEARING shorts and a tank top, per the norm. I like to be comfy on lazy Sunday afternoons, so that only leaves so many options. I’m just glad I have clean clothes to wear after vacation. I tried to be smart and did the majority of our laundry while on vacation so that we wouldn’t spend all of Sunday doing laundry.

WANTING to get my office put together. My current setup is less than ideal and I desperately need to figure something else out. I’m not sure how much longer my back or my toosh can take sitting in a folding chair 8 hours a day. Hopefully we can start making gradual purchases to make it better. The first purchase will be an office chair I assure you.

NEEDING to pack up my doula bag. My first birth is quickly approaching! I’m so so thankful that baby stayed put until I was back from vacation, but now I need to be ready to go at basically any moment now. Hopefully I won’t freak out nearly as much when I get the real deal phone call as I did when I got the false alarm text. Oh who am I kidding, I’m sure I will be a ball of nerves. Despite that I am so excited to officially begin this journey of doing something I’m so passionate about.

FEELING thankful for the time away with husband this past week. It was so good to just reconnect and spend time focused on each other before life gets crazy again between our work schedules and his class schedule, we won’t have nearly as much time together.

It has been a wonderful week, but I am so ready to jump back into a structured day, and a slightly normal schedule. End your weekend well! I’ll be back tomorrow with our menu for the week!

3 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently // Thirteen

    • Yes exactly! I just wish I had known I would be doing this a month or two ago and then I really could have gone crazy. I think I can pull off some good projects in 2 weeks though;)


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