The Sunday Currently // Fourteen

Another week passed, and another weekend almost finished. I am truly hoping that eventually one of these weeks I will be able to post more than my normal Sunday/Monday link-ups. I do apologize, but as I posted yesterday I’m still learning to balance things. until then, I will be faithful with my link-ups and attempt to get some new content out to you soon!

As usual I’m linking up with Lauren over at Siddathornton. You should join us and let us know what YOU are currently doing!

READING a whole lot of nothing. This comes back to the whole balance thing. I’m going to try to ready at least 15 minutes a day this week. It’s a small starting point, but hopefully it will get me started again. Plus, the month is coming to a close pretty quickly and I really want to participate in a book club at the end of the month!

WRITING see above. No balance, no time.

LISTENING to the Rend Collective Experiment Pandora station. We have a fancy schmancy Roku that allows us to play music from our TV and thanks to a small apartment I can listen and clean or make dinner. Husband picked this station the other day and it is a great one!

THINKING about this crazy crazy week I have ahead of me! Of course I have work all week, then Friday evening I head to Charleston for the weekend to celebrate my sister (more on that next week), we are attempting to eat in a completely different way, husband starts his classes (18 hours!) and Lord willing I will be attending a birth this week! It’s a bit crazy but I am going to try and get myself organized and ready to go today and hopefully it will be a successful week.

SMELLING dinner finishing up. Italian Chicken with fresh rolls in the oven…yum. Some of my favorite smells are when food is cooking and it fills the entire house with its scent.

WISHING that I could have gone to Indiana this weekend. My sister as well as a bunch of dear friends took a trip to Indiana to visit our former Youth Pastor and his family. They were my Youth Pastor throughout my entire time in the youth group, and he officiated our wedding. They are my second family and I love and miss them daily. We haven’t seen them since our wedding, but hopefully we can visit soon!

HOPING for baby girl to make an appearance this week. As mentioned multiples time I am being a Doula for my very first birth. ToNGday is Momma’s due date and we are ready for this little one to come! After two false alarms, my bag is completely packed and ready to go, now I just need to get the call!

WEARING some yoga pants and a tank. I look like I should go work out but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Instead I will be cleaning, meal planning, grocery shopping and trying to relax a bit more before Monday hits. I have been incredibly tired this week and not getting much sleep due to being on call. I freak myself out and wake up every hour to check my phone. So a nap may be in order as well.

LOVING the gorgeous flower husband brought home. Yesterday I asked husband to stop and grab a couple things at the store before coming home. As normal, he was understanding and went to go get it. When he got home he brought in an orchid! Every time we go to the store I admire the orchids, so it was very sweet of him to think of me and pick one up. So not only am I loving the orchid, I’m loving my husband of course.

image (8)

WANTING to start doing yoga and exercising in general. I have dabbled in it here and there and I always enjoy it! I might order a yoga mat this week and attempt to get started in some home routines. Also, tomorrow husband and I are starting a 30 day ab challenge. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

NEEDING to deep clean the whole apartment. We definitely don’t live in a totally trashed apartment, but I desperately want to deep clean and organize each room! Our bedroom is a huge priority to me right now, and hopefully I can work on that next week. I feel like if I could get the whole apartment clean and organized, then keeping it clean and sticking to a regular chore list would be easier.Hopefully it wont be too long until I can accomplish this!

FEELING exhausted. As mentioned already, I haven’t really been sleeping well at all. Last night was great, but I need about a weeks more of sleep like that. This past week was just a mess sleep wise, waking up too much, not falling asleep when I should, waking up 2.5 hours before the alarm goes off and then going into a super deep sleep that I struggle waking from, and taking short naps once or twice throughout the day. Shew. It’s a wreck! Any tips on helping your sleep cycle?

That’s it for this week! I’m going to spend the rest of my day preparing for the week. Check back tomorrow for our Menu Plan!

One thought on “The Sunday Currently // Fourteen

  1. Those flowers are gorgeous! As far as starting yoga – I love it! It makes me feel great and really energized afterwards, unlike a lot of other workouts. I recommend it!


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