Menu Plan Monday // Sixteen

Hello Monday! I’m being a bit more realistic about this Monday. I know this week is not going to perfect, but I’m going to try to make the best of it. I’m starting this morning my mind open and ready to go. Last week I woke up mere minutes before I was supposed to sign onto work and it threw my entire day off. This has to change! My goal is to be up by 7am at the very latest this week. Wish me luck!

As I have been hinting towards for a few weeks now, we have some lifestyle changes we are embarking on. Over the past few months due to unemployment our eating habits have consisted of cheap junk. I am so tired of the constant junk we have been piling into our bodies. After talking with husband, we have decided to cut out all added sugars, processed foods, and the majority of grains. The sweeteners we will be using in our home will be honey, 100% maple syrup, and Coconut Palm sugar when needed. This is going to be a huge challenge for us. I know it wont be easy, but I’m excited. We of course, recognize that there will be exceptions to these situations but when we are home and cooking for ourselves these are the rules we will follow. I hope to share the challenges we face and more of this journey with you all.

This week husband starts classes, which means we won’t be eating together 2 times a week due to his schedule, but he will prepare dinner before he leaves or it will be in the crock-pot and I will eat once I get off work. Also, we will be out of town this weekend so I am only worrying about 4 nights of meals. Nevertheless, here is my menu plan for this week. As usual I am linking up with Organizing Junkie!


**I will attempt to note what changes I am making to these meals to make them acceptable**

MONDAY – Crock-Pot Chicken Fajitas on Whole wheat no sugar tortillas

TUESDAY – Baked Yogurt Chicken, Roasted Vegetables, and Mashed Potatoes

WEDNESDAY – Sloppy Joes (Maple syrup instead of brown sugar) and sweet potato fries

THURSDAY – Mexican Quinoa

That’s it for this week! I’m excited to see how our first week goes. I would love to hear what you are eating this week!

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