Sweet Tea and Monday Blues

Monday was a mess. A complete and total mess. It all started Sunday night when I could not fall asleep. It was 1:30am and I was still laying there wide awake after having laid down around 10pm. Finally I fell asleep! Sweet glorious sleep. However, I dreamt what felt like all night long about having chicken pox. That is not my idea of a good night of sleep, which was shown in my late rising and dragging myself to my office at the last possible minute.

Work was not so different from my night. It went nothing as planned. The things with this job is you are responsible for what you get done, and I didn’t meet any of my personal goals and it was a hard hard day. Also during my lunch break I lost power which messed things up even more.

I decided to just sit, rest, regroup and attempt to ignore the fact that I should have gone to Hobby Lobby and done some party shopping. But I just couldn’t do it after the day I had. I needed to lay on the couch and watch Netflix and not put forth any more effort for the day.

But something happened yesterday evening…something I’m kind of proud of. Dinner was on the verge of being a disaster but luckily husband saved it so he could eat before class. Once I got off I went and fixed myself a plate and when I went to get something to drink I noticed I hadn’t dumped the sweet tea out yet. I was alone, it had been a bad day and that tea just looked like heaven. Guys, I poured myself a glass. I stared at it. I’m pretty sure it was whispering *drink me*. But then, I dumped it as well as the rest of the pitcher down the sink. Day one, and I purposefully denied the obvious sugar.

Please don’t think I’m trying to brag. Because I’m not. I’m making note of a battle that happens within me, and sharing it with you so that you can see you can overcome them too. It was a bad Monday, but after that. I felt like I could conquer the world. If I’m going to be honest though I feel like that’s the only food battle I won yesterday. Due to oversleeping and losing power at lunch I had barely eaten anything come dinner time. I was hungry all evening and craving sugar among other things, but I survived.

Here is to a better week, and being an over-comer. What food battles do you face?

2 thoughts on “Sweet Tea and Monday Blues

  1. I’m sorry your day didn’t go too well. 😦 Hopefully, today is much better! Congrats on pouring out the tea! I probably would have had the glass. 🙂 One thing I do to help with limiting sweets is I allow myself to eat a little treat each evening. I know this probably wouldn’t work with your current eating plan, but it has helped me tremendously. Basically, if I eat well all day (including not grabbing a cookie from the dessert tray at work), then I allow myself to have a Skinny Cow Snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich after dinner. It’s 140 calories, which isn’t the best, but it’s a lot better than a huge bowl of ice cream!


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