The Sunday Currently // Fifteen

I’m so sorry I have been a little quiet recently. I jumped in with my book club post this past week, but sadly that was the only thing I had time for! I missed sharing my Sunday currently with you last week and so I really wanted to share this week, especially so I could update you all a bit. Sadly, Lauren over at Siddathornton decided to end the regular link-up. I’m very sad to see it go, but I absolutely understand why she was ready to give it up. Despite the link-up ending, I hope to still check in with the currently post sometimes, or maybe I will find a different link-up to participate in!


READING nothing. I finished up Brain on Fire this week and I haven’t taken the time to start reading another book. Husband and I have really been enjoying laying in bed for a few minutes before bed each night and reading so I’m sure I’ll pick something new up this week.

WRITING about my first Doula experience. I really want to write out all the details I can remember now while everything is fresh in my mind. It was such an amazing experience that I am still working on processing.

LISTENING to lots of sports broadcasting. We bought an adapter for the iPad so we could hook it up and watch football and baseball (and HGTV;). These sports have been filling our weekend, and I don’t mind too much. It’s a nice back ground noise that I occasionally get way too involved in.

THINKING about what we are going to be eating this week. This whole clean eating thing is not going so well. We are just gonna keep trying and one of these weeks we will make it all the way through without it falling apart. Until then, I think 75% is better than 0%. I find it to be especially challenging with a time constraint some evenings and especially for breakfast and lunch.

SMELLING very little. I have been battling some form of a cold all week long. I’m feeling much better now, but my nose is still stuffed up! Hopefully I will be back to normal smelling and breathing habits soon.

WISHING every weekend was a 3 day weekend. I’m really looking forward to a little extra time this weekend to get things done and hopefully get our house back in shape. I would even accept one 3 day weekend a month. Anybody else up for this? I vote we make it a reality…who am I kidding. A girl can dream!

HOPING to start making some major progress on my Doula studies soon. I have been looking over more of it this weekend and I am so excited to dive all the way in. I’m sure this is also associated with everyone else heading back to school. I think I might miss it just a little bit.

WEARING church clothes! Dinner is in the oven and I really wanted to get this post up before I got too comfy.

LOVING that fall is right around the corner. Even if they are predicting possible snow in SEPTEMBER. I am ready for cold weather, Polar Vortexes and all. Although I would really prefer if winter stayed in winter and we actually got to have a full fall.

WANTING to put together some freezer meals. I have been considering it for about a year now but I just haven’t take the time to do it. I think it would be especially helpful with attempting to eat well so that when days like today hit with no groceries in the house I can just use a frozen meal instead of ordering a pizza. Now I just need to find the time to do it. Maybe next weekend!

NEEDING to finish unpacking our boxes. We are Lord willing going to be here for a while so there is no reason to have things still in boxes. Plus the sooner I finish unpacking the sooner I get to finish putting together my office!

FEELING completely overwhelmed by all of the motions I am experiencing after attending and participating in my first birth last night. I was nervous going in having never had any experience with birth before and felt like I was going to either sink and completely freak out or swim and sink right into my comfort zone. While it was far from perfect, I think I was definitely swimming more than sinking. I am so overwhelmed that I have been called to this career and lifestyle. I can’t wait to grow more in this!

2 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently // Fifteen

  1. Welcome back! I think I am going to keep doing these TSC posts too – at least for the time being. Congratulations on getting through your first Doula experience! I can only imagine what it was like. I’m sorry your are fighting off the last bit of a cold, but I’m glad it is better. Enjoy your time off tomorrow!


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