52 Lists // Week One

Lists make my heart flutter a bit. They calm me down, assist in accomplishment and are simply an all-around necessary aspect of life. They have always played a vital role as I wrote down the list of people I loved, boys I liked, favorite toys books or movies, things I wanted to do when I grew up, and places I wanted to go. As I grew older my lists become more of to-do lists, packing lists, traits of my future husband lists (Yes, I was that girl), and traits of God lists. Now as a not-so-newlywed wife my husband continues to tease me that before I can accomplish things I have to take a few minutes to sit down and physically write out a list of what needs done. I have attempted the electronic list and thus far it’s not my favorite thing. Now, my love of lists goes deeper than a to-do list or grocery list. Writing out my goals, my dreams, and what makes me heart beat faster leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to achieve these passions and desires.

My dear friend Moriah of Birdie in a Coffee Cup contacted me recently asking if I wanted to join her working through a list project. As you can imagine this list-lovers heart immediately jumped in and agreed. Moriah suggested we use Moorea Seal’s prompts for her 52 Lists Project. I am so excited to get started on this challenge! Be expecting a new list each Wednesday for the next 52 weeks and by all means feel free to join in! If you join in on your blog just link back to us and maybe leave us a little comment to let us know. You could leave a short list in the comments on our blogs or even on Facebook! Just feel free to let your heart flutter along with mine as we share our lists each week.

Week One // List the words that touch your soul


As I sat down and just thought about words I just let them flow onto the paper. They are jumbled, they don’t all make sense but when I think of soul gripping words these are words I whisper. As I wrote I noticed a theme… my faith, my passion for family, for pregnancy and birth, for simplicity and for peace among other things. What words touch your soul?

Check in next Wednesday for Week Two // List your greatest comforts 

2 thoughts on “52 Lists // Week One

  1. I LOVE this! I too am a compulsive list-maker! The post-it notes that I leave in my wake are proof of that! I might do this as well! How much fun! 🙂


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