Summer Bucket List // Final Update

It is hard to believe that it’s already September. Where has the summer gone? I think it’s time that I call our summer ended. I’m working full time, husband is back to school, and Labor Day has passed. Technically there are still a few days left of summer, but I think I’m ready for it to be over. Now it’s time for my final Summer Bucket List update!


  1. Go to the swimming pool at least 3 times – I went to the local pool 2 times, the lake once, as well as the beach and the pool quite a few times on vacation. I think I would call this a success!
  2. See The Fault in Our Stars with my sister! – Done. Cried my eyes out for sure, and now it’s almost time to rent it so I can watch it with husband.
  3. Go camping! – No such luck. That’s okay with me though, I knew this was a pretty aspirational goal. Maybe some other time. If anyone wants to let me borrow camping gear we might still get this one in some time!
  4. Go to a baseball game – Yes! We cheered on the WV Miners at a couple games and enjoyed the environment. We have also been watching a good bit of baseball on TV recently since husband got a special deal on MLB TV. I won’t complain, I enjoy it for the most part!
  5. Go swimming in a local swimming hole. – This one I would claim 50% on. I went swimming in some local fresh water, but it wasn’t exactly a swimming hole. Summersville lake is a blast to go swimming in nonetheless. Maybe next summer we will hike out to a swimming hole!
  6. Go to a carnival (or something similar) – As I found out at the beginning of the summer…these are way more expensive than I remember them being, so we willingly passed on that this summer. It simply wasn’t too important to us and we spent our summer doing things we would enjoy more.
  7. See fireworks! – Yes, twice! Once at a baseball game on July 4th and once on vacation. The hillbilly WV ones were definitely better.
  8. Have a picnic! – How did we not do this? We ate outside once at a restaurant… does that count?
  9. Go to an outdoor concert/festival. – I heard music outside, so I think that counts. This was just so hard to do based on husbands work schedule which really made things difficult.
  10. Most importantly, I want a real suntan. – Yes! Along with quite a few sunburns. I am tan-ish nonetheless.

Overall I would say it was a pretty successful summer! There were so many more wonderful things in our summer that weren’t on our bucket list. Now that the summer is coming to a close I am ready as can be for fall. Check in soon for our Fall To-Do list!


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