The Sunday Currently // Sixteen

Happy Sunday dear ones! I have exciting news! As you remember, Lauren over at Siddathornton has decided to end the regularly scheduled link-up. She was a wonderful host and after 100 editions I think I would be ready to pass it on as well. Despite this quite a few bloggers including myself were sad at the thought of not linking-up on Sundays anymore. Thankfully, Kristin over at Challenge Accepted has decided to err…accept the challenge of hosting The Sunday Currently ;)! I am so glad to be linking up with her think week and hope you will join us!

Currently …

READING my books for Doula Training. I have officially started reading the required manuals for my training. With everyone starting school I felt the need to get started on something. I am working on making a schedule of goals so I can get through this certification!

WRITING plenty of blog posts right now. We finally seem to have working wifi in our apartment which is making it easier to keep my blog updated. I am really excited about some things to come! Be sure to check back regularly.

LISTENING to the some background TV noise. As well as the sounds of the oven preheating. I’m about to make some cookies that I think will be quite delicious!

THINKING about all of the exciting things in my life right now. I have been able to participate in a few different photo shoots recently (with a few coming up), attend a birth, and work on growing my essential oil business. Exciting times here folks, exciting times.

SMELLING the remaining scent of dinner. I made Chicken Cacciatore in the crock-pot and it was pretty good! Although, I think it smelled better than it tasted.

WISHING my closet would clean itself out. We have a potentially decent closet but unfortunately it has become a major catch all and I’m not even sure it has a floor anymore. Not to mention this week I knocked over a box with ALL of my spare earrings that are missing their match, I now have about a million little earrings to pick up off the floor. Other than preparing for the weekend this is my one must accomplish task this week.

HOPING to find a cute dress sometime this week. We are heading to Ohio on Friday for my big brother’s wedding. I am so excited to be a witness to this wonderful union and to have a small part in their big day. I adore my brother’s fiancee and can’t wait to have her as a sister, and to gain her precious little girl as a niece! I love weddings no matter what and I’m sure this one wont disappoint. Now, to find a dress!

WEARING my comfy clothes. It’s Sunday afternoon, I’m blogging, baking cookies and resting a bit before a busy evening. What else would I be wearing?

LOVING all that we were able to accomplish this weekend. We washed tons of clothes, cleaned our little apartment, ordered essential oils, meal planned, and discussed adult things like cell phone plans (iPhone 6 anyone?)

WANTING to get a lot accomplished this week so we can have a semi-relaxing but mostly fun weekend. I hate being gone all weekend and coming back to a messy house with lots of chores to be done and then having to jump back into the work week first thing Monday morning. Hopefully meal planning will be done, the house will be clean and laundry mostly caught up. 

NEEDING sleep. Per the norm. Gotta get on a better sleep schedule. Lavender essential oil here I come.

FEELING happy! I’m going to be seeing some family this week as well as escaping for the weekend with husband. We rarely every get to go anywhere for the weekend due to stinky work schedules, but it’s going to be a blast. I love road-tripping with him!

I’m off to finish making cookies and prepare for a get-together this afternoon. I hope you have a great Sunday!

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One thought on “The Sunday Currently // Sixteen

  1. Many thanks for linking up! The Sunday Currently was always one of my favorite posts, so I was turning cartwheels for joy when Lauren said I could carry it on! It sounds like you’ve got a lot of great projects in the mix – wishing you all the best!! 😀


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