Weekend Apart

I fell off the blogging wagon this week. So sorry I disappeared and missed my list post. Check back next Wednesday for week #3 of our list project List the Things You Should Be Proud Of. Until then, a quick little update.

I’m headed to Charleston for the weekend for my FIRST full weekend away from Husband. I know, I know. How silly! We spend every week together, we should be sick of each other right? Here’s the thing. This man is my absolute best friend and I adore spending time with him. In over 5 years, I haven’t gotten tired of him or hanging out with him, and yes we miss each other when we are apart for a day, or a night especially. We love seeing each other throughout the day, hugs when husband comes home, goofing off while cooking dinner, eating meals together, watching our favorite shows, playing games, relaxing together, and especially talking before bed. I’m so glad I married my best friend.


(please excuse the poor quality, and tired faces. love this and him nonetheless)

Despite knowing we are going to miss each other we are pretty excited. We each have plans that we are looking forward to. I am going to visit my momma for the weekend with a trip to visit my grandpa for his birthday tomorrow as well. I am so looking forward to going home for just a little bit.

Have a great weekend guys, I know we will! But believe me, I will be counting down to seeing husband again Sunday afternoon!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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