52 Lists // Week Three

We are back this week with list three! So sorry about last week, but sometimes life simply gets in the way and you have to go with it! I wasn’t going to let one week determine the outcome of this whole project, so I’m back even if it is a week behind. I so hope you will stick around and enjoy this little project. I really do love it! Feel free to join Moriah and I as we venture through these lists!

This weeks list is, List The Things You Should Be Proud Of. I would be lying if I said this list was easy for me. It might even be part of the reason no list went up last week. I really struggled with sitting down and writing down things I was proud of that wouldn’t come across completely as a brag fest. In my life, I feel like none of my accomplishments are mine, instead they are Christ’s. So as you read this list, realize I am boasting in Christ. The work HE has done in me and the things HE has enabled me to do. Without Christ, I am nothing, but today I will boast in the ways he has worked through my life despite my shortcomings.

Week Three // List The Things You Should Be Proud Of

list 3

What things are you proud of? How has Christ enabled and worked through your life? I would love to hear more about this! Despite my struggles I ended this list being overwhelmed with gratitude for my Savior. I challenge you, sit down and write about the things he has done in your life, even if it seems like bragging. You will be overwhelmed at His works I assure you!

Next week I will be back with yet another list, and you should join me! The list for next week is:

List Your Current & Future Goals & Dreams

I’m excited about this one. I’m a dreamer at heart and I can’t wait to write down some of these dreams I have!

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