The Sunday Currently // Seventeen

Oh Sunday Currently, how I have missed you. The past two weekends have been busy busy and I have been out of town resulting in no weekend posting. Things seem to be calming down a little bit though and I really hope to get back into my regular posting. I love travelling and being busy, but at the same time  I like quiet weekends and relaxing with husband. I’m hoping things will slow down until the craziness of the holiday’s kick in. Which reminds me…I really need to get started on preparing for Christmas. I truly want to embrace the holiday season, embracing the spirit of it all, and not getting caught up in the craziness. Okay, I’ll stop on this rabbit trail.

I’m back and linking up with Kristin again over at Challenge Accepted. I’m so glad I get to join some amazing women in linking up with this weekly! One thing that I will be doing is trying out some new prompts for “currently”. Bare with me while I try to figure out what I like best.

1379862_10201558438339078_2065220792_n (1)

Currently . . .

READING Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I will admit I haven’t read much, but I am  slowly but surely getting into it. I’m excited to FINALLY get into this series!

WRITING more and more. Recently, writing has been making me excited and that’s a good place to be in. I like being excited about what I’m doing. Be expecting more posts on here in the coming days!

LISTENING to the Nashville CD’s recently. This is one of our favorite shows and the music is a huge contributor to our love. I love this music so much and I love singing along.

SMELLING spaghetti on the stove. Just a few more minutes and it’s time for dinner! I like easy Sunday meals. I don’t know how women used to pull off such extravagant meals on Sunday. Quick and simple are the way to go for me.

WEARING yoga pants and my favorite hoodie. Thank you fall weather! 

 PLANNING to order a new laptop screen this week. Unfortunately during a little incident yesterday my computer screen was destroyed. This is quite unfortunate considering I have a lot of pictures to edit and take care of. This will also have a little bit of an effect on my blogging. Hopefully we will be able to get a new screen and get everything back in working order soon.

ENJOYING the beautiful fall weather that has arrived. I adore fall (I know, join the club), and the cold weather is finally setting in. It’s chilly outside and inside! I’m enjoying wearing my sweaters and hoodies again.

WISHING husband and I could have one Saturday off together with no prior commitments. It stinks not having any days off together (Sunday doesn’t count, we are super busy on Sundays). We are aching to go out for a hike, but it’s so difficult to get away after Matt works on Saturdays. Someday!

HOPING I can accomplish all of my October hopes. So far, so good! They are big goals, but totally achievable.

NEEDING to finish menu planning for this week. After over a year of Menu Planning, it has definitely become on of my not so favorite things. It’s not all gourmet meals, and fairy tales. I unfortunately have to be realistic and actually grocery shop and cook the meals I plan for. Who knew?

FEELING like I’m slowly easing out of survival mode. I feel like I have been stuck in survival mode since I got my new job. Not thriving, simply surviving. The past week or so I feel like I am gradually pulling out of survival mode. Hopefully it will only improve from here on out! How do you stay out of survival mode? When it’s impossible, how do you make the most of survival mode?

That’s it for this week’s Sunday Currently. I’m spending my day watching football, meal planning, grocery shopping, cuddling, and choir at church. Shaping up for a perfect Sunday!

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