52 Lists // Week Five

A weekly commitment is difficult (as you can see, I have failed multiple times). You bloggers out there that have lives apart from your blogs and host weekly link-ups…bravo to you because it is HARD. I love blogging, but my real life takes priority. At this point in my life I work full time and care for my little family and home, as well as church involvement. Blogging is not my job, and not something that is easy to find time to do. So for now, you will simply have to put up with the sporadic posting, typos, late link-up’s etc. Just know, I think about it and I would even say I write a little bit each day, even if you aren’t seeing that, and for me that’s a huge deal.

This week’s (well, last week’s) list was much needed. To be honest, last week a LOT of things went wrong, and I simply didn’t feel like I could write this list. I was in a bad place and I was upset and grumpy and I wanted to get the most out of this list, so I simply put it off. These lists are good for soul, good for dwelling, for thinking.

Week Five // List the things you are grateful for

(I didn’t get the chance to photograph my journal, so this is a portion of the things I wrote down)

1. Overwhelming, Amazing Grace

2. Undeserved mercy

3. The love of a man who has joined with me until death, in marriage

4. A family full of support and unconditional love, spread across many states.

5. Friendships that aren’t affected by distance.

6. Technology that makes all those relationships easier to maintain across miles.

7. Working from home doing something I don’t completely despise.

8. Did I mention I work from home? It makes me awfully happy.

9. Jobs where we make money to easily pay for food, clothing, shelter, and even some things we want.

10. An awesome apartment that we are slowly making our home. Seriously, we love this place.

11. Two cars that run well, and serve their purpose. (+ an awesome warranty on one, so when things go wrong they get fixed)

12. Emotion. Feeling emotion is one of the best things, from joy, to sadness, to thankfulness.

13. A church we love, that helps us grown in grace.

14. Change. Despite being afraid of it sometimes, its truly one of the greatest gifts.

15. Fresh days with no mistakes in them yet.

16. Living in a country that is based on freedom. Even on days when it feels like it’s not, we truly live in a blessed place.

17. Music and everything attached to it. Creating it, performing, attending performances, all of it.

18. An all knowing Father, who has unbelievable plans for me.

19. Written (er. typed) word. In the form of books, articles, text messages, emails, blog posts, etc. This visual learner thrives on written word.

20. Health. I take this for granted so often.

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