The Sunday Currently // Eighteen

It’s a miracle! I sat down to finish up my grocery list and decided if the internet would connect I would write my Sunday Currently post for this week, since I had no desire to go in the office again like I do every other day of the week. So here I am, internet on my laptop and all! While I love writing these posts, the most important part about my Sunday apart from church is just resting and enjoying my day. Due to this, some Sundays simply don’t allow for blog writing. So here I am, when I can be. I hope you will join me and the other ladies as we link up over with Kristin!

1379862_10201558438339078_2065220792_n (1)

READING very little, well, not at all actually. This needs to change, pronto.

WRITING see above.

WATCHING Wayyy to much Gilmore Girls these days. If you didn’t know, as of October 1st, the entire Gilmore Girls series is on Netflix, which means the majority of my free time is filled with watching it. Even husband is enjoying it these days, I just can’t get enough of it.

SMELLING the new candles I bought this weekend. Bath & Body Works was having a great sale on candles and we bought a few. There have been some great scents wafting through our little apartment these days.

WEARING comfy Sunday clothes, per the norm.

PLANNING a great weekend away with my sister this weekend. We are heading to Cincinnati, OH for my dear cousin’s baby shower. We have the music picked (1D, 5SOS, and Tswift), the route verified, and we are ready! This will be our first little road trip just us and it’s going to be a blast! I love my sister and I’m thankful for her friendship. This will be a  great weekend with family celebrating and just enjoying our time. I can’t wait!

ENJOYING my sleep recently. I have been getting into a habit of getting up as soon as my alarm goes off. The past few months I have struggled with sleeping at night and waking up in the morning. I would regularly set my alarm for 6:45 or 7, but hit the snooze until the last possible minute to jump up, wash my face, and sign on my computer. I always felt groggy and miserable after hitting the snooze for nearly an hour so I decided I was done! The past week or so I have been setting my alarm much later than normal, but waking up right when it goes off. This weeks goal is to set the alarm a little earlier but still get up when it goes off. I am so over this being a constant struggle!

WISHING husband and I could go out for breakfast some time. There are a couple places we have been wanting to go and I really love just going out for breakfast with my man, but unfortunately due to our schedules, breakfast just doesn’t work for us. Maybe someday I can convince him to get up early with me on one of his days off to enjoy some breakfast out!

HOPING husband and I are both on the mend for this coming week. Husband had a nasty head cold and I have just not been feeling 100%. Truly hoping things are looking up at this point.

NEEDING to get into a better quiet time routine. Going along with my sleep struggles I am really struggling with setting down the phone, turning off other distractions and spending time in prayer, reading, and journaling. Do you have any tips for quiet time or any suggestions? I feel like as a Christian in the current world this is going to be a CONSTANT battle that we must fight.

FEELING satisfied. I struggle with constantly looking elsewhere for my joy and satisfaction instead of looking to Christ and my circumstances now. I am feeling satisfied and happy, and that my friends is a good feeling.

Hope you have a great week, make sure to check in tomorrow to see the menu for the week!

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3 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently // Eighteen

  1. The ENTIRE Gilmore Girls is on Netflix? Bye-bye free time! Netflix is my kryptonite lately. It’s impossible to just watch one thing – you find something good and just keep watching! Hope you guys recover from your colds and have a great trip to Cincinnati – and as always, thanks for linking up!


  2. Oh Gilmore Girls! It’s my favorite show of all-time…. In high school, my best friend and I would get together each week to watch. Such good memories! I had no idea so many other people loved it too until it came out on Netflix and everyone seems to be watching! I’m looking forward to watching through all of the seasons again!


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