October Hopes // Conclusion

This past month I introduced a new little series and type of post that I would be doing. My monthly Hopes! October was the first month for this, and can I just say I think I was dreaming WAY too big. I have always been a dreamer, but sometimes the downfall is you get to the end of something and it looks like you have accomplished nothing compared to your dreams…I’m going to make November’s a bit more realistic for sure. With October departing, it’s time to catch you up on the progress I made this month!

Monthly Hopes - Fall

1. Complete the LWSL 31 Day Clutter Free Challenge. This challenge was a big one, when I first started I had no idea how detailed some of the tasks would be, and for someone who works full time among other things those daily assignments were just a bit much. I ended up tackling a few projects each weekend. While I’m not done quite yet, I have gotten a TON done. My living room rearranged, book shelves organized, closets cleaned out, and more. I’m going to keep working through this until all of the challenges are completed, and the goal is to finish before the Holidays, so we can enjoy that time. I would say this goal, while not full accomplished, was still a win in my eyes.

2. Complete the Women Living Well Fall ChallengeTo be transparent, I completely forgot about this challenge. Somehow though…I still sort of accomplished it. Due to different things this month, I prayed for our home and family a lot, I lit lots of candles, I made it home, and that was great. So what if I forgot about it, it’s about the heart of it in the long run anyway.

3. Participate in the Homemaking From Scratch ConferenceThis was such a joy to participate in, I have watched most of the sessions, but I’m sure I will be going back to re-watch them soon. I also have all of the wonderful resources downloaded and I have started to implement various things. It was such an awesome reminder of our roles as homemakers. Feeling pretty blessed with my calling these days.

4. Catch up on Photo Editing. This is depressing…at the beginning of the month my computer screen was ruined. Since then it has been a scramble to find a new one (impossible), and to attempt to get set up on our home computer and husband’s computer. I have so much that needs to be done photography wise right now, I’m just trying to do the best I can with what I have. Needless to say due to this catastrophe, I am nowhere near caught up.

5. Complete reading for the Communication Module for my Doula Training. This was such a small book I had no idea the amount of depth it had and the time it would take to work through it. There has been progress made for certain, just not to the extent I had hoped for. This counts as a half-win though, based solely on the fact that before this month I hadn’t even started my reading, but now I have, and that’s a good thing.

6. Embrace Autumn in Southern West Virginia. Ugh. How do I live in the most beautiful and most photographed place within 200 miles, yet I don’t embrace whats in my back yard. Due to sickness, work schedules, and more this didn’t happen, and I’m not happy about it.

7. Read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Such a big fail. Gilmore Girls took over my reading time, this need to stop. must.read.30 minutes.a.day.

Overall, it wasn’t a very successful month in accomplishing these hopes. I mean, it was a great month, I enjoyed time with husband, I cooked great meals (sometimes!), we enjoyed life, and I got some things accomplished. Had I not set any of these goals, nothing would have been accomplished, so I count that a win. I will try to be more realistic from here on out in setting my monthly hopes. Check back in this coming week to see my November Hopes!

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