November Hopes

HOW is it already November 4th?!? I had a whirlwind weekend and I am just now getting the chance to sit down and work through my goals for November. As was previously shared in October Hopes Conclusion, it was a tough month with HUGE goals. I’m hoping November will be more successful even if it is on a slightly smaller scale. I would love to have you join me in sharing your hopes for the lovely month of November! If you do please comment here or on Facebook!

Monthly Hopes - Fall

1. Complete the Clutter Free Challenges from last month. Sadly, this challenge ended up being a bit too big for me to accomplish in one month, but I finished about half of it, now I just need to finish the other half before the end of this month to enjoy a wonderful clutter-free holiday season!

2. Decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving.  I adore Christmas decorations, and most years as soon as Thanksgiving is over I want every bit of decoration up and looking good. This year, Thanksgiving is so late it’s not even giving us a full month before Christmas. Our goal is to have everything up and decorated the week before Thanksgiving.

3. Organize my digital files. Following the computer disaster last month, we have made the decision to not replace my laptop quite yet. We have a home computer and husband has a laptop that we don’t use a ton. I need to clear off my laptop and get my documents and pictures to their new homes as well as back everything up on an external hard drive.

4. Continue working through my Communication Module. This is a leftover from last month, but it truly is a huge goal for me. Without having set and enforced deadlines I really struggle with getting things done in a timely fashion. I need to keep working towards this!

5. Journal daily about thankfulness. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and while there have been times in the past I have attempted to share on social media, I truly want to make this a personal time between me and my Savior and thanking Him.

What are your hopes for November?

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