Menu Plan Monday // Twenty Six

Hello bad blogging habits. My blogging habits have been less than stellar recently and for that I apologize. Busy weekends result in playing catch-up all week meaning blogging gets pushed to the side.

Hello new art in the living room. Expect a post soon about a new fancy wall in our living room that I’m obsessed with. I simply need to print a few pictures and it will be DONE!

Hello Christmas Season. I am so ready for Christmas folks, apart from the whole actually shopping thing anyways. I am itching to put the tree up, which will probably be an adventure for us this coming week, but truly, I’m so excited for Christmas!

Hello Turkey Hangover. Yesterday we enjoyed a little friends-giving with a wonderful couple. I made turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, cranberry salad, rolls and sweet tea. It was delicious, but I’m still feeling the drowsiness of the turkey! I hope to write more about out little thanksgiving meal soon as it was my very first time making one!

Hello Menu Plan Monday. Monday has arrived and with it comes a new menu plan for a new week! I’ll be linking up with Organizing Junkie as usual. Hop on over and join the party!


Monday // Chili with Cheese, Crackers, and Sour Cream

Tuesday // Chicken Parmesan and Caesar Salad

Wednesday // Chicken Fajitas

Thursday // Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries w/ Siracha Mayo Dip

Friday // Waffles and Bacon // Husband and I constantly complain about not getting to make & eat breakfast together, our solution? Breakfast for dinner!

Saturday // Homemade Veggie Pizza

Sunday // Meal with friends or out // We aren’t sure of our plans for Sunday, but I’m sure we can run to the grocery store later this week if needed.

That’s it for this week. We have been horrible about eating out recently, I tried to plan meals I knew I could accomplish and that would give some left overs as well. The eating out is a nice occasional treat but it has become far too regular. Time for some changes!

//How do you keep from eating out? What are you eating this week?//

One thought on “Menu Plan Monday // Twenty Six

  1. I have become the same way with eating out this month. It’s hard because it becomes your new routine to just automatically eat out instead! So I declared this week a no eat out week. Today I am researching and coming up with a menu that I might actually complete like yours! Thanks for sharing your menu!


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