Thanksgiving Eats // Cranberry Salad

Thanksgiving is filled with family traditions the majority of which involve food. It’s a time to come together and eat your family’s favorite foods, some of which have been passed  down for generations. Growing up, thanksgiving was filled with foods that I just wasn’t interested in. I was happy to stick with turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn; happy to skip the fancy sides. No casseroles, funky salads, or any other odd side dish that could show up on your plate. Growing up of course brings a willingness to try new foods and while broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole and stuffing have made their way  on to my plate one thing has stood out: Cranberry Salad.

My Mamaw always made cranberry salad and while the adults loved it, the kids were scared off by the colorful dish. After my Mamaw passed away, the tradition continued on and this time the kids decided it was time to try it, and guess what? We loved it. Cranberry Salad is now the favorite dish over all generations and house holds. I talked to my family and they all agreed this recipe needs to be shared with the world. I have had others, but let me tell you now, they do not compare in the least.

So if your family doesn’t have a cranberry dish for thanksgiving, or even worse uses something out of a can, by all means, make this recipe! It’s easy, it’s cheap, it’s delicious and your family will love you.


Dissolve sugar and Jello in boiling water. Note: Don’t slosh it out of the bowl, it’s sticky, messy, and it stains. No, of course I don’t know this from experience.



Prepare fruit. Wash cranberries and apples, halve apple slices.


Chop cranberries, apples, and pecans in food processor. Add chopped ingredients to mixture.025



Finally, add drained pineapple, mix all ingredients well.



Once all ingredients have been combined, cover and put in the fridge and allow to cool over night or until set. Most importantly ENJOY!

Cranberry Salad


1 Large Box of Cherry Jello Mix

2 Cups of Boiling Water

1 1/2 cups of Sugar

1 Bag of Cranberries

1 Can (20oz) Crushed Pineapple // drained

1 Lg Granny Smith Apple

Pecans // Amount is up to you


Take one large bowl; add Jello mix & 1 1/2 cups of sugar; pour 2 c. of boiling water over Jello/sugar mix, stir until dissolved; Use food processor to chop cranberries, apple, and pecans; add to mixture; add drained pineapple to mix; cover & place in fridge; allow to cool and set overnight.


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