The Sunday Currently // Nineteen

I love Sundays for church fellowship, resting, planning for the week and more; but I hate that Sunday is the end of the weekend, meaning Monday morning is arriving so very quickly. Despite this, we try so hard to embrace our moments on Sundays, sometimes this means YouTube videos and naps laying  in bed all afternoon, and some weeks it means cleaning and laundry all day. The important part is that it’s the only day we get to spend all day together.

Today has been a crazy day filled with lots of emotions and ended up not being quite the relaxing productive day we imagined. Ya know what though? It was a good day, and a good ending to the weekend. Before the weekend ends though, I really want to get in a quick Sunday Currently post. I wish I was able to do these more regularly, but sometimes is better than never. I’m linking up with Kristin again, of course.

1379862_10201558438339078_2065220792_n (1)

READING // Plenty of blogs, but not much more than that. I really enjoy reading different blogs every day. I do my daily reading with Bloglovin’ which helps me keep track of whats been read and what hasn’t. How do you keep up with your favorite blogs. Feel free to follow me over on Bloglovin’ for easy reading!

WRITING // My Christmas list. Who says being an adult means you can’t  make a Christmas list? Plus, it always helps to have a few ideas when people inevitably  ask you what you do want for Christmas.

WATCHING // Gilmore Girls, Parks & Rec, and lots of Christmas movies. It’s not even Thanksgiving but we have already watched two Christmas movies, with at least one more this week if not more.

LISTENING // To Christmas Music!! I really am in the Christmas spirit and I’m so ready for full-time Christmas music. Have you heard the new Idina Menzel/Michael Buble version of Baby It’s Cold Outside? It makes me so happy, please. Go listen, now.

PLANNING // my Thanksgiving week. I work half a day on Wednesday and then will be spending Thursday with my Mom’s family in Ravenswood. I so enjoy my Thanksgiving traditions with them, and thankfully husband will be able to join us for the afternoon after he gets off work. Before then though, there are plenty of things to be accomplished.

ENJOYING // Dog cuddles. We have a new member of the family that has brought complete joy. We were dog sitting for my family while they were on vacation, but after a week the thought of her going away absolutely broke my heart. Following some discussion with various people it was agreed she would stay, at least for the time being. This dog mommy is very happy to say the least.

WISHING // I had a week to focus only on Christmas shopping, preferably at a decent mall. I love Christmas shopping, but unfortunately I’m lacking both time, and resources. Therefor I resort to online shopping, but believe me I wish I was walking around the mall hand picking each item.

FEELING // Happy. Wonderful. Plain ol’great. Going into Monday, that’s really all that matters.

Short sweet and to the point, but this is my life right now.

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