Menu Plan Monday // Twenty Eight // Thanksgiving Style

Hello Monday!

Hello rising early. This morning I was actually up in time to grab some breakfast and a shower before work began, it’s always a good feeling.

Hello Christmas Decorations. This past week we worked on getting our Christmas tree up, and the apartment decorated. It’s not quite done, but looking pretty fantastic to me. A few more things and we will be ready to go!

Hello Thanksgiving Week. Last year husband and I were a bit spoiled taking the entire week off of work and school, but alas this year we have to be adults, with work the week of Thanksgiving and unfortunately for husband even on Thanksgiving. Never the less, it’s going to be a good week, I’m sure of it.

Hello Menu Planning. I was really on top of my game this weekend and actually managed to Menu Plan and grocery shop before Monday. This week was pretty simple though with leftovers from last week and a holiday.


Monday // Double Stuffed Lemon Garlic Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Broccoli // Left from last week. Even better, husband is making me dinner!

Tuesday // Taco Casserole

Wednesday // Burgers // I’ll be out of town, so this will only be for husband

Thursday // Thanksgiving // Pizza Dip, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Chocolate Chips Cookies and Dr. Pepper Cake // These are the things I’m responsible for bringing to our family Thanksgiving meal, appetizers and dessert!

Friday // Chili

Saturday // Pizza

Sunday // Penne Alfredo Bake w/ Salad

 What are you eating this week? What are your Thanksgiving plans? Are you hosting or taking something somewhere else? What is your must have Thanksgiving dish?

As previously shared here are two recipes that need to show up at your Thanksgiving meal this year!

Crock-Pot Turkey Breast & Cranberry Salad

Happy Thanksgiving!

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