Thoughts // Still Alive & Celebrating Husband

In case you were wondering (though I’m sure you’re not) I’m still alive and kicking over here.

It’s been a busy week filled with celebrations for this guy. 389702_10200720247104821_2128896191_n

This man of mine turned 21 on Tuesday which of course included a little bit of celebrating on our part. He also finished his classes for this semester on Thursday. Now he just needs to tackle his finals this coming week and he is done for the semester! In addition to these huge things he also found out he secured a lead position at work! Basically everyday has been a celebration and that always makes for quite the good week.

In addition to husband’s celebrations, we are also gearing up for Christmas with decorating, shopping, planning and more. On my to-do list for today? Find gold pens for Christmas cards & buy a few things online.

It’s my favorite month of the year and I’m just hoping it doesn’t fly by too quickly! While I ache to do some cutesy holiday tutorials, or write out my christmas list for you all, don’t expect too much. I really try to make an effort at actually living in December, so until next year, just know I’m still alive even if my posting is sporadic at best.

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