Rambles // Christmas Busyness

Holy Moly how is Christmas only 1 WEEK AWAY.

There is so much that needs to be done, and so much I want to get done.


Finish Shopping

Wrap Presents

Embrace Advent <—– MOST IMPORTANT

Send out Christmas cards BEFORE Christmas

Practice music for a Ladies Ensemble on Sunday

Bake goodies for our various Christmas celebrations

Plan Christmas Brunch Menu

Pack before Christmas for traveling


Watch a few more Christmas movies

Read Unafraid by Francine Rivers (A fictional piece on Mary)

Go see Christmas lights, hot coco in hand with husband

Clean the house <—- This is forever on the to-do list, but for December it becomes a want not a need

This is a super condensed form of the things that will hopefully be accomplished in the next 7 days. Can I do it? Maybe!

Also, can we talk about what a BUMMER Christmas is in real-life? For the past 20 years I have become quite accustomed to my main responsibility (school) taking a big break around the holidays. What is this working the week of Christmas and New Years nonsense? I think two weeks off would be suitable, but I know  I know, welcome to the real world!!

Also, here are a couple obligatory Christmas tree pictures //

image1 image2 image3

Anyway, Christmas is a whirlwind for me this year. Between working up until noon on Christmas eve, to running all over the hills of West Virginia for 24 hours and then heading to the hills of Tennessee for the weekend I’m sure we will need a vacation from Christmas when we get home.

I’m sure this Christmas will be wonderful, but it never ceases to amaze me how much things are changing as I get older. Christmas used to be the same every single year, but it feels like it’s something different every year now. Not bad, just different. I’m sure it will only continue to change as we all grow older and focus on various things and start our own family eventually (what?!).

Thanks for putting up with my rambles in regards to Christmas. Oh, and just in case I don’t get the chance to pop in over here again before Christmas (hello, see above to-do list) Merry Christmas! Enjoy this time with your family celebrating however you so choose.

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