Menu Plan Monday // Thirty-One

This has been a whirlwind of a week. It was supposed to be a week of clean eating, but honestly it didn’t quite turn out like I had hoped. However, I ended the week realizing how much I missed eating clean and the things I can enjoy that are delicious, but good for me. While I don’t think I will follow a given menu plan again any time soon, I’m sure you can expect a transition to some cleaner foods in our house again.

We are recovering from some winter sicknesses, as well as jumping back into husbands school schedule, so this week is nothing fancy. We will just attempt to survive the changing schedule. You will also see a change in how our week works. Husband will be busy in class through the afternoon into the night two nights a week. That means no dinner together. I’m hoping to get creative with meals, but I’ll be sure to share my adventures as I work through these changes.

Without further ado, here is our not fancy, survival menu for the week.

Monday // Chili

Tuesday // Double Stuffed Lemon Garlic Chicken, Roasted Broccoli and Mashed Potatoes

Wednesday // Leftover Chili

Thursday // Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Friday // Homemade Pizza

Saturday // Black Bean Quesadillas

Sunday // Italian Chicken, Rice, and Corn

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