Menu Plan Monday // The Deans Eat // Edition Thirty-Two

The only thing consistent in life is change, right? I like to keep things interesting, changing things up regularly, at least until I find the thing I like the most. I have been between calling my regular Monday menu posting “Menu Plan Monday” or “Meal Planning Monday” for basically, ever. But then I started thinking, and determined I really didn’t like either one of those names. So for now we will call this little weekly menu “The Deans Eat”, simply because we are The Deans, and this is what we eat. Simple enough? Also, you may have notice, I haven’t been linking up with Laura much these days, but I hope to start joining in with those more regularly. It’s a little late, and we are yet to go grocery shopping, but I’ll go ahead and share this nonetheless!



Monday // Black Bean & Chicken Quesadillas (Make-up from last week)

Tuesday // Potato Soup

Wednesday // Spaghetti

Thursday // PB & J’s // Husband has class and I’ll be out for the evening

Friday // Italian Chicken and Potato Bake with Caesar Salad

Saturday // Date Night Out

Sunday // Picadillo


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