The Deans Eat // Thirty Four

Hello from the frozen tundra that is Southern West Virginia! We are currently in the midst of our only legitimate snowstorm this year to-date, and while typically I would be squealing over the magic white stuff falling from the sky, I’m not. You see, husband is stuck at work and until he is home I cannot enjoy this perfectly delightful snow. Until then, I’ll twiddle my thumbs and get some work done and pray with every last breath that he gets to come home soon, and preferably in one piece.

I’m thinking once he does make it home safely, we will curl up on the couch with some homemade popcorn, and a good movie, because really, is there any other way to enjoy being snowed in together?

Before this post gets away from me, lets get down to business (to defeat, the Huns)! It’s time to share our menu for the week. The past few weeks have been major struggles on the menu front. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m trying to battle the menu planning blues with everything I’ve got. Without further ado, here is what the Deans are eating this week!


Monday // 4 Ways with Cincinnati Style Chili, Onions, and Cheese

Tuesday // Double Stuffed Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, and Roasted Broccoli

Wednesday // Chili and Cornbread

Thursday // Sandwiches or Leftovers

Friday // Hamburgers and Sweet Potato Fries w/ Spicy Siracha Mayo

Saturday // @ Home Date Night

Sunday // Italian Chicken, Rice, and Corn

Have a good Monday, and for those of you being affected by this storm, please stay warm and safe!

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